10 ways to use coffee in your beauty routine

Most women (and some men) spend a large percentage of their hard earned cash on beauty products. And while it’s great to look after your skin and hair, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. More and more people are discovering that natural products can actually get the job done better and cheaper than those shiny, super-duper-looking products!

The best news is that you can use ground coffee for almost every part of your beauty routine. It’s a great way to re-use coffee grounds and make yourself look amazing at the same time. Check out these ideas and let us know what you think!

10 ways to use coffee in your beauty routine

1. Coffee Spice Facial Scrub

This coffee face scrub uses coffee grounds (of course), raw sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon and nutmeg! Can you imagine how that would smell? Heavenly! Here’s the amazing ‘recipe’ from Fragrant Vanilla Cake.

2. Coffee Fizz Foot Soak

Feet are usually the last on our beauty list but they deserve some pampering too! Now this recipe uses instant coffee, but who has that in their home anymore? So just use the coffee grounds from this morning’s cuppa and enjoy your ‘me’ time. Here’s it is… Coffee Fizz Foot Soak from Pixie Wishes & Forehead Kisses.

3. Coffee Hair Treatment

Yes, it’s true. Coffee is also great for hair. It stimulates growth and strengthens hair follicles. It can also help reduce dandruff. Sign me up! Here’s a simple idea from Naturally Curly – Coffee For Hair Growth.

4. DIY Coffee Body Scrub

A lovely jar of this amazing body scrub would make a perfect present for friends and family. It’s pretty easy and you could make a huge batch and become everyone’s new best friend! Here’s the recipe from Petit Elefant.

5. Eye De-Puffing

This must be the easiest treatment for puffy eyes. And the best thing is you get to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee first Yay. This is thanks to Fitness A Way of Life!

6. Coffee Hair Dye

A healthy (and super-cheap) way for the brunettes among us to dye their hair is with, you guessed it, coffee! You combine coffee with coffee with conditioner and that’s it. Too easy! Here’s the recipe from La Healthy Living.

7. DIY Coffee Cellulite Scrub

Can coffee really banish Cellulite? Well apparently caffeine firms the skin naturally, so it makes sense that coffee would be the perfect treatment for that dreaded Cellulite! Give it a go and let us know the results. Check out this recipe from Paula Parrish.

8. Coffee Body Lotion

Image: Craft Your Beauty

Now this one is a tad more tricky to make but the results would be pretty incredible. It would be worth the effort and why not have a lotion-making day with a friend to make it extra-fun!?! This recipe is from Mom Photographer. Check it out here…

9. Coffee Soap

Image: Offbeat and Inspired

These beautiful cakes would also make great gifts or would simple make your kitchen or bathroom sinks look fancy-pants. They may smell good, but no eating, right?! Don’t forget. This recipe is thanks to Offbeat and Inspired.

10. Coffee Facial Mask

Image: Pure and Healthy

Take a bath, read a book and pop on this soothing facial mask. It combines organic coffee (yay!), milk and honey for an all-natural, super-healthy mask your face will love. Here’s the recipe from Pure and Healthy.

So there it is… 10 amazing ways to use coffee in your beauty routine. Don’t forget to always use organic coffee and keep those nasty chemicals away from your precious skin/hair. Enjoy!