2-Ingredient iced coffee recipe

If you’re looking for a different (and delicious) way to enjoy your coffee, boy do we have the recipe for you! It’s so easy. All it takes it a little, tiny bit of prep and you’re done. Forget the traditional ice coffees because this one is the real deal made with real coffee, not that horrible instant stuff or coffee flavouring. And the best bit is, it only has two ingredients. Here it is…

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10 Ways to make your office green

There are so many great reasons to transform your office into a green machine. But if you’re afraid that it’s going to make you a hippy tree-hugger, be brave and keep reading! Green offices are often happier places to work. They will save you money, keep your staff healthy and give you a warm glow because you’re helping the world. And it’s so easy, so why not go green?

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How climate change is killing coffee

Image: A Cuppa a Day

Whether you’re a climate change skeptic, a true believer or someone in between, the fact is that the good old fashioned coffee plant is struggling. While we can’t yet see the direct impact of global warming in our everyday lives, many experts claim that it won’t be long until our cups are no longer overflowing with coffee.

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10 ways to use coffee in your beauty routine

Most women (and some men) spend a large percentage of their hard earned cash on beauty products. And while it’s great to look after your skin and hair, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. More and more people are discovering that natural products can actually get the job done better and cheaper than those shiny, super-duper-looking products!

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