10 Ways To Help The Planet

You don’t have to be a scientist to realise the planet is in all sorts of trouble. And we can no longer turn a blind eye to our dodgy habits clogging up our atmosphere, rubbish heaps and destroying our beautiful earth. But don’t despair. There are easy ways to turn this all around and start reducing, reusing, recycling (all those cool re- words) so we can start really looking after what we’ve been given. Start with these ideas and spread the word!

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Self-Saucing Coffee Chocolate Puddings recipe

You heard me right! It’s choccy, it’s coffee, it’s hot and gooey and delicious. As it has coffee in it, I reckon you could also have one of these amazing puddings for breakfast. If you’re feeling naughty, that is! Because, they’re not healthy. Not one bit. But Winter screams pudding and so do we! Here it is…

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