Healthy and delish Coffee Chia pudding


How’s that New Year’s resolution health kick going? It’s a tough thing to eat healthy when there are so many easy (and let’s face it, yummy) junk food alternatives on offer. But, what if I told you, I had a quick and nutritious snack you could also have for breakfast? And what if I twisted your arm further and added that it also has a coffee hit with a hint of choccy goodness?

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Australia vs the rest of the coffee world


The typical Aussie loves a bit of good-natured competition and although the coffee scene is a world away from the sporting field, it’s still an area we like to give our all. As a little far-flung underdog, we’ve gritted our teeth and worked like people possessed to compete with traditional coffee countries like Italy and Brazil. And, I’m happy to say, we’ve recently beaten them.

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