Visit the Manly Fairtrade Markets

There’s a sleepy seaside village – I wonder if you’ve heard of it? It’s called Manly – located on the northern beaches of Sydney. Far from sleepy, actually, this place is pumping! Not only does it have some pretty amazing beaches to lounge on but its food scene is impressive, to say the least. Manly residents are a healthy bunch, with a large percentage having a passion for organic, sustainable and ethical living.

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How to order the right coffee

Ok, so this week’s topic may sound a little straight forward and you may be thinking, “Heck, I know how to order a coffee – it’s not rocket science.” And while you may be right, you don’t need a degree to order the right coffee, but understanding the lingo and being more specific will ultimately get you the best coffee ever – so, please, read on!

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Jah Bar: Cafe Profile

Have you visited the Northern Beaches of Sydney lately? This area has some of the best cafes and restaurants in Australia – it’s Foodie heaven! And one of the best aspects of the Northern Beaches is that some of these amazing foodie destinations are right near the beach!

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