Matching grind with brewing method

A lot of people choose to buy ground coffee which makes sense in this fast-paced world. But the beauty of true coffee making is that it takes time. It slows you down and, to be honest, the best coffees are made using beans not grounds. Why? Because coffee beans will always give you a fresher, tastier cup! So, now that you’re on board with buying beans, how do you grind up those lovely little parcels of goodness to suit your favourite style of coffee? Read on, my friend.

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Take up the Fairtrade challenge!


Are you up for a challenge that could possibly, potentially change the world you live in by drinking awesome coffee? Ticks all the boxes for me! From 13 May – 15 May (that’s THIS weekend, people) Fairtrade International is going to count how many Fairtrade coffees are consumed around the world! Why? So that all of us who are passionate about Fairtrade (and those new to the cause) can see the immense impact choosing Fairtrade coffee can be for producers around the globe.

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Living it up at About Life

Don’t you love it when you find a group of people honestly just trying to do a bit of good in the world? Well our friends at About Life are exactly that incredible sort! It all began for the About Life crew in a little juice bar in Rozelle. Starry-eyed and enthusiastic, they used their passion for beautiful wholefoods and healthy living to create a series of ‘feel good supermarkets’.

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