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The raw food revolution is upon us and whether you’ve jumped on board or not, there’s some really amazing raw options available you MUST try! We chatted to Ginger, the owner of the beautiful Raw Temple in Newcastle about this new wave of healthy eating and the philosophy behind their cafe.

What is Raw Temple’s philosophy?

Raw Temple is about showing the world that raw food is the smallest footprint and greatest environmental option a person can make, whilst still having awesome delicious meals, cakes and treats that take care of your body.

The range also helps those with dairy and gluten intolerance, coeliac, autoimmune dysfunctions and others and also every good person willing to let go of sugar and love themselves beyond their addictions. We’re proud of you!  

When was Raw Temple established?

The new foodies on the block, we only started officially in June 2016 but watch this little baby grow.

Why Vegan?

Why Vegan you ask! This really is the most responsible foodstyle choice that can be made today. So many areas on this planet need our help and being vegan ticks so many in one simple message and change of lifestyle. Being Vegan is truly the New Black! Putting the Earth and it’s Inhabitants back in the Red .. alive, well and flourishing for generations to come.

Why Organic Fairtrade Coffee?

We support Fairtrade and to have coffee and Sacred Grounds operate with this message means knowing that local and indigenous communities benefit and receive all they are entitled to be the best motivation to back brands that grow and import with this kindness and respect.

We have much gratitude to all who support local growing and production. And Organic well it’s been said before but seriously let’s stop poisoning our food our land and our waterways! It’s just not cool, it spells death, so we are 99.9% organic in all our purchasing – we always aim for 100% and although it’s not the cheapest, we know it’s the absolute best for our tribe of valued customers.

What does Raw Temple specialise in?

Raw Temple specialise in raw food, Cheezecakes infused with superfood powders, enhanced with kindness and the introduction of Australian Indigenous superfood powders and herbs.  

We offer custom cakes and are about to launch a raw vegan Wedding cake range, so brides…get ready. Raw Veganising everything you’ve ever eaten cooked is what’s going on with us.

Is there anything that Raw Temple offers that is unique?

Besides loads and loads of yumminess we hope that others grow to understand and appreciation enjoyment and fulfilment of choosing a raw food style so that we can change the face of the health system Down Under with our food choices. We offer specialised consulting on the drinks and foods you order to add in superfood powders the help deal with any health issues or ailments you are looking to address or avoid in the future.

Thanks Ginger! All the best to the amazing Raw Temple cafe in Newcastle. If you’re in the area, why not pop in say hi and enjoy some delicious and nutritious healthy treats, served up with some yummy organic, Fairtrade coffee. Sounds good to me!


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