5 Healthy Coffee Habits

We all now know that coffee is good for us but how much is too much? How do we keep up our passion for that glorious brew without going over the top? We have not one, but FIVE healthy coffee habits to help you enjoy coffee, make it work for your body and ensure you can keep drinking it for years to come.

1. Organic All the Way

For us, organic is no buzz word – it’s actually a health issue. Sure, you can buy your run-of-the-mill supermarket variety of coffee (no you can’t!!!) but if you’re not choosing quality organic coffee, what are you putting into your body? Coffee that isn’t organic certified means that pesticides have been used to keep the old bugs away and synthetic, man-made, chemically-drenched fertilisers have also been utilised. Not only is this terrible for the environment, polluting soil and water sources but it’s surely no good for our bodies. Coffee is just one of those things that is worth the effort of choosing organic over non-organic. There’s just too much at stake.

2. Go Easy on the Milk

If you’re going to have quite a few coffees a day, perhaps steer clear of milk or use a milk alternative that is kinder to your waistline, heart etc. Coffee is fun and there are so many varieties out there to keep you on your caffeinated toes. Don’t see it as giving something up but being open to a whole new world of flavours that can be best highlighted without milk. Whether it’s a long or short black, it’s up to you. Or you could even get fancy and try a cold brew in the summertime. See? Fun!

3. Count Me In

Confession time… how many coffees do you actually have each day? Do you count them? Don’t feel overly guilty because the latest studies have found you can have up to four coffees a day and it’s actually good for you. But if you’re heading towards nine in a 24 hour period then you need to reassess your habits. Read more about the health benefits of coffee here…

4. Reduce Your Caf

We know how hard it is to ease off your caffeinated habits but if you have too much of the buzzy stuff it may impact your sleep or ultimately your health. What to do? You could go cold-turkey and switch to our lovely Sacred Grounds Organic Decaf (sneaky plug) or wean yourself onto a half-and-half coffee that still gives you a little buzz but takes away a chunk of caffeine while still tasting the goods. Sound like an impossible dream? Our Moonlight Blend will keep you ticking without leaving you wide eyed at night.

5. Banish Sugar

For most of us a sugar or two (don’t tell me 3??) can be a tricky little habit. But if you actually choose a quality organic coffee, you don’t need any sweeteners. In fact, adding sugar can impact the organic taste, flavours of the brew itself which is a bit of a shame. Once again, it’s about weaning yourself off the sugar 1/2 a teaspoon at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoy the pure flavour notes without a hint of the sweet stuff.

How do you keep your coffee habits healthy?

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