5 Savoury Recipes Made with Coffee

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We all know how great coffee is – that’s why we’re here! And we’ve all probably got our favourite sweet coffee-flavoured recipe but have you ever thought of using coffee in a savoury dish? Coffee is being used more and more in gourmet dinner dishes and why not! It’s an earthy, delish ingredient that is pretty hard to beat. So, we’ve gathered five of the best savoury coffee recipes to start you on your way! Enjoy.

5 Savoury Recipes Made with Coffee

sacred grounds-chicken-drumettes
Image: Food 52

1. Espresso Brined & Sea Salted Chicken Drumettes 

How delicious does this recipe from Food 52 look! Coffee and chicken? Well, ok, now! Simply brew up your favourite Sacred Grounds espresso coffee, mix it with a variety of herbs and spices then marinade your chicken and get cooking. Delish! Here’s the recipe…  Espresso Brined & Sea Salted Chicken Drumettes 


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Image: Pepper

2. Coffee Rubbed Pulled Pork Tacos

Who doesn’t like Mexican food! This recipe uses coffee powder but we think it would be taken to yet another level using freshly ground coffee in the rub. Simply apply the rub combo to the pork then cook sloooooowly for 4 glorious hours. Salivating! So much to love about this recipe. Here it is… Coffee Rubbed Pulled Pork Tacos via Pepper.


Sacred Grouunds-Red-wine-and-beef-stew640jp
Image: Yummy

3. Red Wine Beef Stew Recipe

As the days start to cool down, a stew, any stew, is a great idea. But how about a scrumptious, soul-warming stew made with red wine and COFFEE! Wow! Freshly brewed coffee brings this dish to life, creating an earthy, well-rounded flavour in the sauce. Find the recipe from Yummy, here…


Sacred Grounds-sticky-bbq-ribs
Image: Drizzle and Dip

4. Sticky BBQ Spare Ribs with a Coffee and Pepper Rub

Rub-a-dub-dub! Yep, coffee features once again in a delicious rub but this time it’s starring on sticky, messy and delicious spare ribs. My fave! But wait, there’s more! The rub also includes cocoa powder (or you could use our Organic Fairtrade Drinking Chocolate) to give it a sweet, earthy taste. The rub stays on all night so you can imagine the flavours that are going to be released when cooked. Yummo! Find the recipe from Drizzle and Dip here…

Image: Food 52
Image: Food 52

5. Coffee-Infused Braised Lamb Shanks and Beans

Lamb shanks scream COMFORT FOOD to me. Drenched in deliciousness, slow-cooked, falling off the bone; makes me want to curl up in bed with a good book. This recipe from Food 52 uses coffee as a rub on the shank with cumin, garlic, rosemary and pepper. Then let those beautiful flavours soak in, cook up a storm and enjoy your coffee-infused goodness. So GOOD! Here’s the recipe from Food 52…

So there you have it; five amazing savoury recipes where coffee is the absolute STAR! And if you’re after  consistently high quality Organic Fairtrade coffee, you can’t go past Sacred Grounds. Enjoy a virtual stroll around our online store and order some incredible Single Origins and Blends today!

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