Summer may have arrived but that doesn’t mean you have to cut down on your coffee intake (remember, it’s healthy!!!) Maybe just give it a bit of a jig, summer-style. We have found five of the best summer coffee recipes that you’ll just HAVE to make, especially when we hit the 40s again! Keen? Here they are…

5 Summer coffee recipes

1. Tiramisu Parfaits

Perfect for a summer BBQ, make sure you whip these up the day before. The flavour soaks in and tastes even better! It combines beautiful Mascarpone cheese with ladyfinger biscuits and rich freshly brewed expresso. Are you salivating? PS Did you know that Tiramisu was originally a breakfast recipe? Find the recipe from Hummingbird High right here…

2. Belgian Iced Coffee Cream

Creamy and ice cold, this dessert from Manila Spoon comes with a warning. Don’t eat quickly or you know what will happen – ICE CREAM HEADACHE! Incredibly tasty, it combines 3 shots of espresso with cream, ice cream and chocolate. Ooo lala! This is one easy summer recipe you can either whip up in a matter of minutes or make and keep in the fridge for dessert in a flash!

Image: Manila Spoon

Image: Manila Spoon

3. Premium Coffee Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a yummy Summer coffee recipe from this one is it! Made with super-strong coffee (just the way we like it), this frosty dessert (afternoon snack or dare I say it sneaky brekkie treat) is sure to cool you down in no time. This Premium Coffee Ice Cream recipe from Not Eating Out in New York calls for an ice cream maker but really, you can pop it in a lined cake tin, cover it with plastic wrap and it will be just as yum.

4. Iced Coffee Float

There’s nothing like a refreshing cold glass of coffee on a stinking hot day! Our recipe for Cold Brew Coffee would go perfectly with this frosty drink. It’s pretty simple, just follow the directions then add your favourite ice cream and mix to your heart’s content. Check out this recipe from Roxana’s Home Baking.

5. Coffee Crème Brûlée

Don’t be scared off by its crunchy top, it’s really not that hard to make. Just follow this recipe from and you’ll be laughin’. Imagine serving up a few of these puppies at your next dinner party/New Year’s Eve shindig. It will keep you up and dancing all night! Yep, it’s no health kick but it’s bound to taste delish!

Image: Delish

Image: Delish

Are you feeling hungry for some cold caffeinated sweet stuff? Get cooking, good looking!

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