6 Things All Home Baristas Should Know

All of us who simply LOVE coffee dream of bringing the quality, taste and texture of a barista-made coffee into our own home. Yeah, it’s fun and all going to a cafe, enjoying the vibe but sometimes you just want to stay in your pjs and create your own coffee perfection in the comfort of your own kitchen, right? To help you out we’re providing our top 6 tips for home baristas – so you can achieve your dream and drink coffee in your jarmies!

6 Tips for Home Baristas

1. Extraction

The key to any espresso is the extraction… get that wrong and you’re in for a fairly blah coffee experience. So, our top tips with extraction is to make sure the dose (as in the amount of coffee in the basket) and the yield (the liquid volume out) are consistent and correct. If you’re not sure about this, just ask your coffee roaster or barista for brewing ratios. And for those more adventurous, enjoy a little experimentation and see what works for you. Check out our post on Coffee Extraction 101 here… 

2. Grind

For a cafe-quality coffee at home, it’s vital that you grind beans just before use as it helps retain the freshness and flavour of the coffee. One of the biggest differences between a machine at home and one in a cafe is the pressure. A standard domestic machine has a lot less water pressure so make sure acheter viagra you find a grind that works for your individual machine. More tips here… Matching Grind with Brewing Method

3. Cleanliness

It’s so easy to forget this crucial step but the cleaner your machine, the better your coffee will taste. It makes so much sense because old coffee left in your grinder or machine will 100% impact the taste of your brew. It can be a chore to clean your machine, which is why we’ve written this post just for you to make it a little easier – How To Clean Your Coffee Machine. Take a read and get that machine sparkling!

4. Coffee Freshness

If you’re drinking year old coffee, no matter how good a barista you are it’s just not going to taste as good as fresh coffee.  Depending on the brew method you use and the coffee that you’re buying the optimal age for coffee can vary. Ideally you want to be drinking all your coffee within a month from roasting.

5. Milk

Two things are important when you’re thinking about milk – how you store it and how it is textured. If your texturing (or frothing) skills aren’t up to scratch you may find your milk to be watery which will impact the taste of your coffee. So how to get a perfectly textured milk happening? Read this – Texture Milk Like a Barista.

6. Coffee Origins

Do you know what’s in your coffee? Learning more about what you’re actually drinking will undoubtedly enhance your experience. Like wine, single origin coffee has an amazing array of flavours you can actually pick out after you train your palate to identify them. Sacred Grounds has a wide variety of amazing Single Origins from the spiced berry and chocolate flavours of our Australian Single Origin to the sweet combinations of honey, citrus and chocolate found in our single origin from Nicaragua. We have eight different varieties to choose from, to taste and to enjoy! Find them here… Sacred Grounds Single Origins

At the end of the day, making your own barista-style coffee should be a ton of fun. Let us know if you have any questions or issues! We’re here to help.

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