Here at Sacred Grounds, not only are we obsessed by Fairtrade, Organic coffee, we also have a bit of a sweet tooth. Which is why we’ve created our beautifully rich Drinking Chocolate. Unlike other choccys you’ll find on the supermarket shelf, the Sacred Grounds version has no nasties like milk powder emulsifiers or fake stuff like additives or artificial flavours. This means it’s not only great for you but it tastes so much better.

Sacred Grounds Drinking Chocolate

Our Drinking Choc is made from (drumroll please) real cocoa from the Dominican Republic and raw sugar from Paraguay. Like our coffee, it is Fairtrade and Organic so you can drink away with a clear conscience and enjoy the smooth chocolatey taste without a care in the world. But how to serve it? Well you can go the traditional route and make a regular hot chocolate but we thought we’d have a bit of fun and give you 7 new ways to enjoy our lovely Drinking Choc. Here they are…

7 Ways to Enjoy Drinking Chocolate

1. Cocoa Popcorn 

Sacred Grounds Popcorn Drinking Chocolate

Image: Pop Sugar

Spice up your next movie night with this fab recipe from Popsugar! Substitute the cocoa powder section of the recipe with our very own Fairtrade Organic Drinking Chocolate and you’ll be in movie, lunch box, any-time-of-the-day snack heaven!

2. Banana Chocolate Muffins 

Sacred Grounds muffins drinking chocolate nigella


This amazing recipe comes from the queen of baking herself, Nigella Lawson. Super-easy and delish, these yummy muffins are sure to taste even better with a healthy dose of Sacred Grounds Drinking Chocolate.

3. Superfood Chocolate Smoothie Bowl 

Sacred Grounds Smoothie bowl healthy drinking chocolate

Image: Broma Bakery

Let’s get healthy with this awesome Superfood Chocolate Smoothie Bowl recipe from Broma Bakery. Packed with all the good stuff including Almond Milk, Honey, Avocado and loads of fruit, this beauty is the perfect way to wake yourself up in the morning… just add our Drinking Chocolate!!

4. Mocha Protein Balls

Sacred Grounds- Mocha Protein Balls-Drinking chocolate

What’s better than coffee and chocolate? Nothing, I tells ya… unless, of course it’s in ball form. This is why we whipped up a beautiful batch of Mocha Balls a few months ago to enjoy both coffee and our drinking chocolate in the most snack-worthy of all snacks – a protein ball… or two.

5. Hot Chocolate Pancakes

Sacred Grounds-Hot-Chocolate-pancakes-drinking chocolate

Image: Food Network

Oh my, these look amazing. If you’re tired of waking up to a ho-hum breakfast, these Hot Chocolate Pancakes from the Food Network are sure to get you pumping in the morning. Served with a beautiful syrup made with hot chocolate, you can also use our drinking chocolate in the pancakes themselves for a super-choccy breaky experience.

6. Gingerbread Spiced Hot Chocolate

Enjoy the Christmas vibe all year round with this funky twist on your regular hot choccy – Gingerbread Spiced Hot Chocolate recipe from Savory Nothings. Simply substitute the cocoa ingredient with our very own Drinking Chocolate and let your tastebuds dance!

7. Hot Chocolate Cookies 

Sacred Grounds-hot-chocolate-cookies-drinking chocolate

Image: Averie Cooks

And finally, a list of choccy recipes cannot be complete without a yummy choc chip biscuit recipe and this beautiful Hot Chocolate Cookies recipe comes from Averie Cooks! Oozing choccy goodness, this little beauty will have you sneaking back to the bikkie jar for more…

How do you like to enjoy your drinking chocolate?

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