Our Coffee

As global citizens, we look to source coffee that has a positive impact on the earth and our producer communities. For us, seeking Organic and Fairtrade coffees is not a marketing position, it’s an obvious choice towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

Our coffee is a hands on process, from roasting to blending to packing we handle our coffees with care. We manually roast all our Single Origins individually so we can bring out the best possible flavour of every bean. Our Head Roaster brings his years of experience as a trained chef to carefully craft our blends to create a unique and exciting flavour experience.

Coffee is seasonal (it’s a fruit after all!), and this means that new beans are coming onto the market all year long. Our roasting team is always busy researching and sampling new coffees, the best of which we welcome into the Sacred Grounds family.

About Organic
In a nutshell, by choosing Certified Organic products you minimise your intake of synthetic chemicals, you reduce animal cruelty and you help encourage sustainable farming practices. Organic farming also means that chemicals aren’t running into local water ways and into the soil, permanently damaging the eco systems of coffee producing communities.

logo-acoOur Sacred Grounds coffee and roasting facility is certified Organic by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO). From the start, Organic coffee has been at the heart of our range. It’s a better choice for the planet, the communities growing the coffee and for all of us the coffee drinkers.

About Fairtrade

Fair-Trade-colour-logoBeing one of the first companies to sign up with Fairtrade Australia (FTAANZ) in 2004, Fairtrade has always been the obvious choice us. The FAIRTRADE Label is an independent consumer label which guarantees a better deal for producers in the developing world. Fairtrade is about fair and stable prices, decent working conditions, environmentally sustainable farming methods and investment in local community development.

Being a Fairtrade Certified business, Sacred Grounds contributes quarterly to the Fairtrade Premium.  The Fairtrade Premium is a sum of money paid on top of the agreed Fairtrade Price for investment in social, environmental or economic development projects. Between 2010 and 2014 alone, Sacred Grounds contributed over $96,000 in Premium Money.