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Producer Profile – Colombia

Producer Profile
Flavour Profile
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  • Type: Arabica

    Roast: Moderately Dark

    Cupping Notes: Sweet florals, delicate fruit, toasted nut


Colombia is known for its high quality coffee. It’s also the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed Arabica coffee.

This coffee is grown in the stunning Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, where the rich fertile soils and plentiful shade provide ideal growing conditions.  The coffee is carefully cultivated on small plots of land using traditional practices.

Cooperative Goals and Achievements

Anei’s focus is on protecting their beautiful environment consisting of mountains, rivers and their incredible wildlife. This not only provides conservation benefits but ensures the coops longevity and high quality of soil and water. They have even developed their own organic fertiliser, doing away with commercial versions dripping with chemicals.

One of the greatest impacts an organisation can have is on its people and while Anei looks after the natural environment, it doesn’t stop there. People and culture are a vital part of this coop because it’s the farmers themselves who will implement sustainable farming practices. This is why Anei provides on-going training for all its members and has joined the Government in offering grants for university students to ensure sustainability becomes an important part of their community for years to come.

Anei also uses their Fairtrade premium to purchase land for indigenous leaders, rebuilding ceremonial locations and working the Government to create accessible roads. Their community focus is also on food security and providing education opportunities for the children of the district.

One of the most amazing things about this coop is the way in which they support and encourage female farmers. In 2016, Anei supported 112 female coffee growers providing training, technology and equal opportunities that is rare in this field of work. Gender equality is an important part of this organisation and probably one of the reasons they have been so successful.

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