Producer Profile – Nicaragua

Producer Profile
Flavour Profile
  • NameCORCASAN - Cooperativa Regional de Cafetaleros de San Juan de Río Coco
    Fairtrade CertifiedSince 2005
    Members250 members, 160 farmers
    Region Size221 square kilometres
    Life ZonesTropical humid forest
    SeasonsDry period from Dec – April. Rainy period from May - Nov
    Altitude1,200-1,400 meters
    VarietyBourbon, Typica and Caturra
    Harvest PeriodNovember to March
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  • Type: Arabica

    Roast profile: Moderately Dark

    Cupping Notes: Chocolate, sweet aroma, citrus tones, honeyed, bright medium acidity, well rounded cup

Cooperativa Regional de Cafetaleros de San Juan del Rio Coco (CORCASAN)

The Cooperativa Regional de Cafetaleros de San Juan del Rio Coco (CORCASAN) was first founded in 1978, growing rapidly and becoming well-known in the region. Becoming Fairtrade certified meant that the organization could access badly needed financial services so they could make investments and begin exporting their high quality coffee.

Today, they are able to offer services which meet the needs of members, such as commercialization, technical assistance and training. They have a strong logistics network to manage coffee collection, well-equipped offices and processing facilities, and long-term contracts. There is an experienced team behind CORCASAN with knowledge of speciality coffee. 30% of the members are women.

Coffee Growing and Processing

Coffee from CORCASAN’s members are grown in tropical hillsides under a canopy of shade trees. Their coffee has been known to score up to 90 points in the cup. The organization has already sells around 16,500 bags of coffee, which is both Fairtrade and organic. This is increasing year on year.


The members harvest their crop and do the primary processing at the farm. The coffee is then delivered to the cooperative’s central warehouse where it is recorded and undergoes quality control before being prepared for export.

Benefits of Fairtrade

Environment and water

The cooperative has used the Fairtrade Premium to support producers to harvest rainwater and conserve water sources. They have also focused on reforestation and improving members’ housing.


Access to the Fairtrade Premium has allowed the Cooperative to set aside a more substantial education funds to facilitate various training and up skilling classes for children to improve their coffee harvest.

In addition to these classes, the education fund also covers transportation and additional materials. Additionally, funds have also been made available to provide scholarships for Coop members and their children. Education has also opened up more opportunities for women, with more than half of them making up the CORCASAN’s staff.


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