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Producer Profile – Sumatra Gayo

Producer Profile
Flavour Profile
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  • Type: Arabica
    Roast Profile: Moderately Dark
    Cupping Notes: Delicate aroma of blackcurrant, followed by hints of dark cocoa and soft spice. Bright tangy acidity.

Permata Gayo Cooperative

Sumatra Coffee has quickly become a very important origin for Sacred Grounds, Sumatran beans are part of the recipe for two our most popular coffee blends – Spirit and Neighbours Blend. For this reason, we source our beans direct from Permata Gayo Cooperative who continue to produce high quality coffee every harvest. By bringing the full process from farmer to final export under one roof, Permata Gayo is able to regain more control over each step of the way to improve quality and communication.


The abundant rainfall, rich volcanic soil and an equatorial climate all contribute in producing the very fine, exotic flavours found in this coffee. Additionally, the cooperative employs two cuppers who ensure premium quality from each batch of green beans. The Coop have also attended international events such as the Specialty Coffee Association of America in the US and cupping training’s to stay up to date with current coffee practices.


Permata Gayo Co-op use the Wet Hull process which is a very common processing technique for the region.  Firstly, the coffee cherries are pupled and left to ferment over night. The next day the beans are washed and laid out in the sun to dry. The beans will be rotated regularly so that the drying process occurs evenly.




The cooperative is currently investing funds in environmental education and training on local issues. The area’s volcanic soil can be very productive, but over farming and pollution is causing erosion. Permata Gayo runs training’s in soil conservation and safe disposal of waste. There is also a tree nursery and composting facilities for members.

                     Sumatra Gayo

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