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How important are organic products to you? Thanks to our super-busy lifestyles most of us Aussies go for convenience over substance. We just don’t have the time to read labels to make sure we know what we’re really eating.  The great thing about organic food is that it’s labelled ‘organic’, so you’re know what’s in it and, more importantly, what’s not!

Australian Organic Awareness Month

This month, Australian Certified Organic (ACO) are shining the spotlight on everything organic to get Aussies fired up and healthy. It’s all about informing and having a conversation about organic products and why they’re so important.

There’s a handy Q and A section, new organic products, stories from farmers and organic brands just like us! You can even WIN $1000 just for posting a pic of yourself on their Facebook page. Each week they’re highlighting various organic sections and this week it’s ‘Organic Beverages’, which is right up our alley.

Why buy organic?

All organic food is free from pesticides… poison, basically. It boggles the mind why we allow pesticides on our produce in the first place, so buying organic makes a lot of sense. When it comes to coffee, it’s even more important to go organic variety because of the large amount of chemicals and pesticides used on coffee plantations.

We’ve written all about it here… 5 Reasons to drink organic coffee. In a nutshell, it’s simply better all ’round. Great for the world, great for us and it tastes so darn good too! If we want quality coffee to hang around  long-term (and we do, right?) then we need to be clever about how we grow and process our beans. We need to make it beneficial not just for us but for the small farmers in the third world, instead of multi-nationals who pump out chemically-laced coffee that, let’s face it, tastes pretty bad.

Sacred Grounds’ Organic coffee

We have and always will be proudly organic. From our organic drinking chocolate to our organic t-shirts, to all of our amazing coffee blends, we source all of our materials from the best organic farmers in the world.


This means you can always count on our coffee consistently tasting amazing because it’s free from pesticides, it’s grown and processed with love and it’s healthier. What’s not to love about that?

To celebrate ACO’s organic month, Sacred Grounds Organic has some fantastic specials for our amazing customers. Whether you’re a seasoned Sacred Grounds-er or you’ve never tried our products before, we have great deals that will fuel your healthy organic lifestyle. Here they are:


Which organic product are you going to try for the first time?


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