Australian Single Origin Coffee

Tomorrow is Australia Day and what better way to celebrate than to focus on our very own Australian coffee producers. Situated on the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland, Skybury Tropical Plantation have been growing quality coffee (and not to mention their amazing fruit) for 30 years so these guys know what they’re doing.


Ian and Marion MacLaughin, co-directors of Skybury, moved to Perth from Zimbabwe in 1987 and then onto the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland where they bought Skybury. Today, Skybury not only provide quality coffee for the Australian market but export their incredible beans to Japan, Europe and Canada.


The heart of Skybury is to grow and roast quality coffee, along with their banana and papaya plantations, without harming their local environment. The MacLaughins are so passionate about sustainable farming that they’ve even opened their very own Environmental Research Centre on the property. Their research has covered everything from how to look after their natural ecosystem, to the best ways to reduce and reuse their own waste… and more including:

  • Using solar power
  • Carbon neutral targets
  • Reusing organic waste as fertiliser
  • Natural post-harvest treatment for rot
  • Native bird/animal protection
  • Clean water management
  • And more! (Read more about Skybury’s environmental practices here)

This is why we’ve chosen Skybury as our Australian coffee producer. We have a shared passion for sustainability and quality which is something we strive for in all of our partnerships across the globe.

Australian Single Origin Coffee

We know that our Australian Single Origin coffee has a great start in life but after all the processing, roasting and packaging, how does it actually taste? Because at the end of the day, the taste and quality of the coffee is where it’s at, right? Skybury process their beans using a wet technique using some of the most sophisticated facilities in the world. This ensures that the quality of flavours and the coffee itself is retained and protected so that the end product is high end. A medium to dark Bourbon variety bean, this incredible coffee exhibits flavours of spiced berry, sweet caramel and chocolate. Simply delicious.

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