Climate change and coffee, the latest!



If you read our last post on climate change, How climate change is killing coffee , you’ll know that our beloved beans are in a bit of strife. In fact, we are already seeing some of the devastating effects that Climate Change is having on the coffee industry and our amazing planet with only more severe consequences to come if we don’t make some major changes at national and international levels soon.

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Understanding Coffee Flavours

Before I became involved with the coffee industry, having only been an occasional coffee drinker I had always thought that coffee was simply coffee flavoured. It didn’t take me long to realise once I was in the industry that coffee is so much more than ‘coffee flavoured’. In fact, there are a massive amount of natural flavours present in all coffees.

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On trend: Butter-Coffee



For those you who are adventurous with your daily cup of coffee, this one will surely pique your curiosity. Buttered coffee is becoming an increasingly popular coffee trend in Australia. Despite how it sounds, this coffee is loved by many health fanatics and especially by fans of the paleo diet. Buttered coffee is essentially butter, coconut oil and coffee blended together.

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