How climate change is killing coffee

Image: A Cuppa a Day

Whether you’re a climate change skeptic, a true believer or someone in between, the fact is that the good old fashioned coffee plant is struggling. While we can’t yet see the direct impact of global warming in our everyday lives, many experts claim that it won’t be long until our cups are no longer overflowing with coffee.

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10 ways to use coffee in your beauty routine

Most women (and some men) spend a large percentage of their hard earned cash on beauty products. And while it’s great to look after your skin and hair, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. More and more people are discovering that natural products can actually get the job done better and cheaper than those shiny, super-duper-looking products!

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Remembering Tina…

One year ago today, the Sacred Grounds family lost one of their own. Tina Visnar was the heart and soul of Sacred Grounds. It was Tina who first started developing the concept of Organic coffee for Sacred Grounds. First this was out of personal choice but then she saw that there was a need in the coffee market for an amazing organic brew.

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