Whether you’re a creative type or not, latte art is something that everyone can learn. We’ve already covered how to create a Latte Art Heart and Tulip, now it’s time for the ever-beautiful Barista Latte Art Rosetta! This gorgeous design requires a little jiggle and a wiggle, so limber up and get ready… here are our top tips on creating a super-sweet Rosetta!

Before you start

We recommend you choose a Barista Jug to create the perfect basis for your Latte Art (learn how to Texture Milk Like a Barista here… )

The Formula:

Good Crema + Silky Milk = Great Latte Art

Pouring Tips


1. Create the canvas for your latte art by filling the cup with milk to approx 2/3 full.


2. Bring the jug to the back of the cup, get as close to the milk as you can.


3. Pour milk and wiggle jug rapidly from side to side as you slowly move the jug and the pattern backwards. You will see layers start to appear and fold into each other.


4. When you reach the top of the cup, hold for a few seconds and then slightly lift the jug and sweep back through the centre of the pattern.

* See our video below and see how top barista, Megan Talifero does it.

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