Cafe Profile: Buddha Bowl

You won’t find Buddha Bowl on the main drag of Newtown – it’s a bit too special for the hustle and bustle of a crowded main street. No, this cafe is a destination; an experience and so it lives at the bottom of a converted flour mill in the quaint back streets of Newtown. The history of this stunning building with exposed wooden beams, original brick work and fixtures simply adds the unique atmosphere of this place.


Owner, Adam Chalk, has spent the last seven years working overseas in exotic locations including Oman and Singapore managing hotels. After managing hundreds of people over many years he was ready for a change of pace so he headed to Nepal where he volunteered as an English teacher. This experience not only gave him a break from busy modern life but really moved him to do more for the world and in particular, the homeless.

Recently Adam decided it was time to come home and open up a cafe of his own – something he could run in his own way, with influences from the countries he had worked in, using the business to give back to the community. One month on and the Buddha Bowl is already making an impact, participating in the CafeSmart program, focussing on reducing waste and choosing ethical options over easier and often cheaper alternatives.

Buddha Bowl & Sacred Grounds

This is why Buddha Bowl and Sacred Grounds are a match made in heaven. Both focus on ethical products with a positive impact on the world and ingredients/processes that benefit the health of customers. For Adam, Sacred Grounds was a no-brainer, “I chose Sacred Grounds for our shared business values and ethics.” Like Adam, we believe that businesses should be making better decisions about where their products are sourced etc to take into account the health of customers, animals and the environment. Buddha Bowl also offers 50 cents off your coffee when you bring in your own ‘keep’ cup, cutting down on the use of take away cups. Great stuff!

Buddha Bowl also offers 50 cents off your coffee when you bring in your own ‘keep’ cup, cutting down on the use of take away cups. Great stuff!

Buddha Bowl Philosophy

Being a vegetarian himself, Adam wanted to create a menu that was healthy and delicious at the same time. His plant-based menu (rather than vegan/vegetarian), created with his chef, Nina Howes, focusses on modern, healthy and ‘real’ food free from any nasties. They use good, healthy oils, natural sweeteners and choose nutritious cooking techniques – ie including the use of a waffle iron instead of a deep fryer.

One of the most impressive aspects of this cafe is that profit isn’t the main focus – it’s healthy, locally sourced, ethical products that often cost more but align with their philosophy of having a positive impact on people and the world around them. For Adam, Buddha Bowl is all about respecting his customers by providing truly great food that will nourish their bodies and make a positive impact on the world.

The Menu

The idea behind the Buddha Bowl is more about wholefoods than a religious philosophy. Adam and Nina love to use colourful food and nourishing grains in a really creative delicious way. And it’s not limited to the food either. Their coffees are divine, brewed to perfection but if you’ve over your caffeine limit for the day, you have to try the Blue Algae Latte. We tried this little beauty with coconut and it was so fun, so delicious and it’s healthy with probiotics for your tummy, loads of protein and antioxidants – win-win!

Now for the food – though small, the menu is jam-packed full of variety. We tried the fresh and scrumptious Tamari Noodle Bowl made with roasted tofu, vermicelli noodles, crunchy veggies and a beautiful Tamari dressing. Then onto the incredible Bedouin Bowl with a warm felafel waffle (you heard me right) cooked on a waffle maker with coconut oil, served with roasted beetroot and carrot hummus, rice and tahini dressing. Yummm! This menu is something really different and is getting one heck of a great reputation. Adam said one customer is slowly working through the whole menu and so far they’ve loved every dish they have tried. So what are you waiting for? Head to the beautiful Buddha Bowl today!



Opening Hours: 

Mon-Fri, 7am-4pm
Saturday, 8am-1pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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