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Located on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, Meraki Solé has become a health foodie destination. Established only three years ago, owner Alex Mudge said due to its unique style of food and produce, the locals in Ardrossan were a bit hesitant at first. Now the cafe is booming with tourists and locals alike making a beeline to experience all Meraki Solé has to offer.

The Cafe in a Nutshell

There’s so much to love about this cafe from its passion for nutritious food, organic products and its love for the local community, Meraki Solé is one special place. In fact Alex says there’s really nothing like it on the peninsula.

With a relaxed boho sort of vibe, Meraki Solé is all about creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for people to sit, relax and find inspiration. Alex aims not only to nurture the soul but also the body, creating delicious healthy meals for her community (and beyond) to enjoy. Community is so important to Meraki Solé that the customers are like family and any leftovers at the end of the day are donated back to the locals. Wasted food is a big no-no here which ties in well with Alex’s passion for organic, Fairtrade products and philosophies.

As well as a cracker menu, Meraki Solé also feature a fabulous retail section that features everything from clothes (boho of course) to home wares and funky gifts like candles, body scrub and handbags.

Meraki Solé Menu

Now that you’ve got a feel for Meraki Solé’s ethos you can only imagine how good the menu really is and you’re right! Meraki serves healthy salads, slices, delicious raw cakes as well as more conventional sweets and lunch options. Alex chose Sacred Grounds organic Fairtrade coffee to complement the healthy, ethical philosophy that flows through this place. You may find Alex working as a barista, whipping up a truly awesome latte, in the kitchen cooking up a storm or floating around the retail space – yep, she does it all!

The heart of the menu is to go back to basics creating great home style food that nourishes and satisfies those taste buds. Where possible, Alex uses organic fruit and veggies, filling the gaps with locally sourced ingredients. This means everything that leaves the Meraki Solé kitchen is fresh, local, does viagra make you last longer tasty and good for you.

Keen for a road trip to South Australia? Don’t miss a great coffee and delish food at this incredible cafe. But if you’re not in the area, don’t despair, you can order your very own Sacred Grounds Single Origin or Blend coffee right here… Enjoy!

 Meraki Solé Details

14 First Street
Ardrossan, South Australia
Cafe Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8.30am -4pm
Sat: 8.30am -3pm

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