Tucked in a quiet pocket of the Northern Beaches of Sydney is a truly special place, Organic Avenues. Part organic supermarket, part cafe, this place is a little piece of heaven for locals and beyond who crave quality, healthy organic food that is to die for!

Meet the Owners

Owners Josh and Jennayah bought the business in November 2015 and haven’t looked back since. Both are true blue locals having grown up on the Northern Beaches so they understand how this unique community ticks. And it is unique because, although it’s an official suburb of Sydney, the Bilgola/Avalon area feels more like a small country town than a busy mini metropolis. Josh and Jennayah love getting to know the regulars who come in for their morning coffee or put in their weekly order of groceries – it’s a friendly, homey vibe that makes you feel completely welcome whether you’re a local or not.

Organic Passion

Why organic? Jennayah introduced Josh to everything organic and now he’s so passionate about high quality organic produce that twice a week a bleary-eyed Josh leaves home at 3am for the markets where he hand-picks all the fruit and veggies himself. Making these treks also allows Josh to keep in touch with the latest news regarding the availability of produce so he can keep his customers up to date.

Their vision is for the store to not only look great but for everything on offer to taste healthy and delicious. All fruit and veggies and most of the retail products in store are 100% Organic Certified and, where possible, products are locally sourced – soap and vegan items – or made in-store.


Organic Avenues has been serving Sacred Grounds coffee for several?? years and is now renowned for its quality, taste and of course, Organic/Fairtrade certifications. And what to have with your Sacred Grounds coffee? There’s so much to choose from! Try a gluten free, sugar free muffin – baked fresh on Mondays or how about some delish comfort food served with the best bread ever, Sonoma Sourdough – drooool! Yep you can either eat in or take home your very own super-healthy homemade soup, lasagne or curry made by Organic Avenues very own chef twice a week. But get in early because they sell out fast and I can tell you why – they are so yummy – it’s real food, none of this pre-packaged rubbish! We tried the Chicken, Barley and Vegetable soup – oh my it was so tasty! Or how about you kick up the health factor with one of their famous smoothies, especially the Green Smoothie or the Alkalizing varieties. Yum!

Let’s Go Shopping!

While Josh and Jennayah love the cafe side of things what they’re most passionate about is their organic supermarket which they see as “… an expansion of our pantry at home”. They live and breathe organic and will only sell products that they would use themselves. You can find everything you’d ever need or want for your own pantry here and you can rest assured knowing that all items on the Organic Avenues shelves will be healthy and a lot more nutritious than mainstream varieties. You can buy anything from chicken stock to skincare items, flour to packet cakes, rice to baby food. It’s so much fun browsing around this quaint store, salivating over the ‘real’ veggies and fruit, taking in all there is to choose from. And the best part is that if you can’t make it in to shop in person, you can always order a box of fruit/veggies over the phone or just send through your shopping list and the friendly staff will do all the hard work for you!


Opening Hours;

Mon–Fri: 7:30am–6pm | Sat: 7:30am–4pm | Sunday – Closed

Pop in for a visit, a cuppa and a shop and follow Organic Avenues on Facebook here…


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Emma Watson

From creating her own ‘Ozzie Mozzie Editorial’ newspaper when she was 10 to writing for ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’, Emma has always loved to write. She spends her time looking after her two kids and tapping away at the keyboard blogging at filmandfood.com.au, writing for Howards Storage World and of course, for Sacred Grounds Organic. Her love of a good small cappuccino (with one sugar!) and social justice makes this a match made in heaven. Emma loves a good book, travelling and hanging at the beach with her little crew.

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