The quaint town of Cooma is situated 114km south of Canberra and just over 62km from the snowy ranges of Jindabyne in New South Wales. Thanks to the nearby snow fields, this town has recently experienced a rise in tourism as it’s the perfect place to stop, rest and refuel before hitting the slopes. This is where one of the newest cafes in town, Rawsome Earth comes in. Catering for everyone from locals, families and tourists, this cafe has really helped to put Cooma on the map.

Rawsome Philosophy

It all began with the Earth Song Wellness Centre which provides treatments, holds classes and workshops to empower the community to make the most of their lives. This philosophy also flows through Rawsome Earth cafe. From its menu, to its friendly atmosphere, the essence of this establishment is a sense of overall wellness, providing nourishment for bodies, minds and spirits.

Rawsome Menu

Now if you’ve never tried raw, healthy, nourishing food before, this is the place to try it. This cafe makes vegan and vegetarian food sing. Chef Jessi is a qualified raw food expert who is passionate about creating tasty, nutritious dishes that even the uninitiated will enjoy. Seasonal organic produce is used to provide inspirational creations chock-full of clean, healthy ingredients to make your body sing!


This is why Rawsome Earth has chosen Sacred Grounds as its coffee of choice. With our combined passions for all-things organic and delicious, this really is a perfect match. Although they mainly use locally sourced Tilba Milk, Rawsome Earth has experimented, making their own Caramel Milk Lattes. Yum!

Healthy Treats

While you’re sipping on your favourite Sacred Grounds coffee, why not try one of their guilt-free raw treats? There’s the scrumptious Passionfruit, Lime, Coconut and Macadamia Raw Cheesecake; Almond Butter Fudge; Hazelnut Tart or their famous Caramel Slice. Drooling!

Lunch Deliciousness

Choose from a healthy range of ‘nourish’ bowls, including Raw Falafel or Cauliflower, fresh, tasty salads or wraps. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous try the amazing Tex Mex Lettuce Wrap or Buckwheat, Chickpea & Cumin Roast Sweet Potato. Finish all this yummy goodness with a beautiful smoothie bowl or, for the kids, Banana Blueberry Nice Cream – they will LOVE it!

With so many healthy options to choose from, Rawsome Earth has not only become a local favourite but a must-visit location for tourists as well. Keen for a visit? Here are the details…

Rawsome Earth Details


95 Commissioner St Cooma
Cooma, New South Wales
Cafe Hours:
Mon-Wed 7am-5pm
Thu-Fri 7am-7pm
Sat-Sun 8am-6pm
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