Coffee Extraction 101

Making a quality coffee at home can be a little tricky. Firstly, not all of us owns a professional machine that whips up the perfect coffee every time. Secondly, baristas spend all day working on their craft so it’s a tad unfair to put the same expectations on ourselves! But, don’t lose heart, it is possible to make amazing, cafe-style coffee at home and we’re here to help you do exactly that. We’ve already covered how to texture milk like a pro so now here’s some professional tips on how to get the perfect extraction on your very own coffee machine!

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How to Texture Milk Like a Barista

Baristas are amazing aren’t they? They just have the skill and the know-how to make the perfect cup of coffee every time, making it look so easy. But alas, when us non-Baristas try to do the same at home we end up with super-fluffy or drab and runny milk on our average coffee. Argh! It’s enough to make you want to throw your coffee machine out the window and run down to your local cafe… in your jarmies!

Well, don’t despair, we have just the thing for you and it comes with awesome graphics. Dig in!

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How to drink Single Origin coffee

Have you ventured into Single Origin coffee yet or are you keeping comfy with your favourite blend? Either is ok with us, no judgement here BUT you may be missing out on a whole new exciting world of flavours! So, to tempt you away from your routine coffee we’re digging deep into Single Origin coffee – what it is, how to drink it, heck even how to choose the right one to suit your tastes. It’s going to be awesome!

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Matching grind with brewing method

A lot of people choose to buy ground coffee which makes sense in this fast-paced world. But the beauty of true coffee making is that it takes time. It slows you down and, to be honest, the best coffees are made using beans not grounds. Why? Because coffee beans will always give you a fresher, tastier cup! So, now that you’re on board with buying beans, how do you grind up those lovely little parcels of goodness to suit your favourite style of coffee? Read on, my friend.

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How to order the right coffee

Ok, so this week’s topic may sound a little straight forward and you may be thinking, “Heck, I know how to order a coffee – it’s not rocket science.” And while you may be right, you don’t need a degree to order the right coffee, but understanding the lingo and being more specific will ultimately get you the best coffee ever – so, please, read on!

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What is a ristretto?

Images: Luisa Brimble

If you’re newish to the coffee world, all the jargon may get you a tad confused. You may nervously pop into your local ‘cool-hang’ cafe and scan the menu board for something you know.

A good place to start is the good old cappuccino or flat white but once you get a tad daring, then you can work out what you really like and order to your taste. If you like coffee a tad stronger, you may like to try a Ristretto, like those other cool coffee ‘kids’. But what the is a Ristretto?

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