Cafe quality coffee at home? Yes you can!


Baristas cover your ears, because your professional coffee-making secrets are about to be released to the public. The truth is if you have excellent coffee, a great machine and a bit of coffee know-how, you too can make cafe quality lattes, capps, long blacks etc, at home! Just don’t tell your local barista why you’re not popping in every day for your ‘usual’! It’ll be our little secret.

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The wonderful world of latte art

Every barista has their favourite go-to pattern to impress their customers. Depending how artistic they’re feeling, they may stick to the old favourites or go crazy with the back of their spoon or a latte art pen and create something really amazing. Not only is it a pleasant surprise for their loyal customers but a bit of fun for the old barista too!

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How to create the perfect coffee shot


Baristas make coffee shots look so easy. It can’t be that hard, right? Well, as every good barista will tell you, there is an art to making coffee. We’ve all had those expresso disasters at home where the coffee comes out fast and watery or even worse, drips out the side of the filter holder sending grains pouring into your sad old pre-warmed cup.

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Single origin vs coffee blends


Single origin or blended coffee, what are you into right now? Coffee purists love the adventure of single origin brews, it’s like the extreme sport of the coffee world, living on the edge! But a lot can also be said of coffee blends that’ll give your a smoother ride, making your taste buds dance. Both are great options but what’s the difference?

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Understanding Coffee Flavours

Before I became involved with the coffee industry, having only been an occasional coffee drinker I had always thought that coffee was simply coffee flavoured. It didn’t take me long to realise once I was in the industry that coffee is so much more than ‘coffee flavoured’. In fact, there are a massive amount of natural flavours present in all coffees.

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