The Sacred Grounds Fairtrade Story

Did you know it takes approx 186 coffee beans to make one cup of coffee? With every single bean being picked and processed by hand, it’s a lot of work. This is why we at Sacred Grounds have been supporting Fairtrade coffee for over a decade now

If you don’t know what Fairtrade does, in essence they ensure that these hard working farmers are being paid fairly for their time so that their businesses remain sustainable.

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The World Fairtrade Challenge

Most of us love a good party – a time to celebrate, well, anything, really as long as we have our favourite people in attendance, the reason doesn’t really matter…or does it? As much as we love gatherings, imagine celebrating something that makes a real difference in the world, imagine getting together with your pals to increase awareness and to enjoy things that will create equality and justice for the poor among us. Sound good? Well, do we have an event for you!

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Awesome Ethical Christmas Ideas

I don’t mean to freak you out but yes, Christmas IS just around the corner. Deep breath! Now to save your sanity this year, we’re advising you to ditch the last minute trip to the shops (the crowds, the hot hot air, the cranky people) and sit back in your comfiest chair and order something divine online; preferable ethical and coffee-related, right?!

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Take up the Fairtrade challenge!


Are you up for a challenge that could possibly, potentially change the world you live in by drinking awesome coffee? Ticks all the boxes for me! From 13 May – 15 May (that’s THIS weekend, people) Fairtrade International is going to count how many Fairtrade coffees are consumed around the world! Why? So that all of us who are passionate about Fairtrade (and those new to the cause) can see the immense impact choosing Fairtrade coffee can be for producers around the globe.

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Fairtrade news 2015

At Sacred Grounds, Fairtrade is more than just a logo that we add to our packaging. They have been our partners since way back in 2004 and we’ve achieved so much together. We’ve created beautiful organic coffee that provides a livelihood and a future for farmers in third world nations and ensuring that we can all enjoy incredible coffee for a long time to come.

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