The Truth About Disposable Coffee Cups

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about disposable coffee cups and how much our daily caffeine habit is adding to landfill. This is the awakening we had to have and it’s a great thing that ABC’s ‘War on Waste’ has sparked this conversation about the issue at hand. There’s a fine line between offering convenience for coffee drinkers and looking after the environment and, more often than not, convenience wins over and our garbage piles grow ever taller.

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5 Ideas for a Healthy Australia Day

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Yep, Australia Day is tomorrow and if you’re in the midst of planning the ultimate Aussie menu we have got some yummy ideas to help you out. Let’s face it, most traditional Australian BBQs aren’t that healthy but we have some great ideas that will notch up the nutrition factor and taste great too. Bonus! Here they are:

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What coffee personality type are you?

I love doing those personality quizzes on Facebook… the results are always fascinating! Sometimes they’re spot on, other times, they kind of make me doubt myself because they’re dead wrong! So today we thought we’d have a little fun and give you our interpretation of your personality (because we know you SO well) by what type of coffee you drink! Set your face to amazed cos here we go…

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Sacred Grounds Guide to Alternative Milks


There are many reasons why more and more people are flocking to alternative milks – health reasons, dietary requirements, ethical reasons and taste preference to name the big ones. There’s no doubt that alternative milks bring a different coffee experience both in taste and texture.

Alternative milks are all unique and bring something different to the taste profile of the coffee. So if you’re asking yourself how changing over to an alternative milk will affect your daily coffee, then the Sacred Grounds team are here to help you out.

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5 coffee moments in pop culture

You know something is totally ingrained in a culture when it pops up in movies, TV, music, Youtube series and art. If coffee was an actor it would be an A-lister due to the sheer amount of exposure it gets in the media. And why not!? So, to celebrate everything coffee in our world, we’re going to the movies (TV and internet) to see how it’s portrayed on the big and little screens. Have fun!

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Australia vs the rest of the coffee world


The typical Aussie loves a bit of good-natured competition and although the coffee scene is a world away from the sporting field, it’s still an area we like to give our all. As a little far-flung underdog, we’ve gritted our teeth and worked like people possessed to compete with traditional coffee countries like Italy and Brazil. And, I’m happy to say, we’ve recently beaten them.

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