On trend: Butter-Coffee



For those you who are adventurous with your daily cup of coffee, this one will surely pique your curiosity. Buttered coffee is becoming an increasingly popular coffee trend in Australia. Despite how it sounds, this coffee is loved by many health fanatics and especially by fans of the paleo diet. Buttered coffee is essentially butter, coconut oil and coffee blended together.

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Self-Saucing Coffee Chocolate Puddings recipe

You heard me right! It’s choccy, it’s coffee, it’s hot and gooey and delicious. As it has coffee in it, I reckon you could also have one of these amazing puddings for breakfast. If you’re feeling naughty, that is! Because, they’re not healthy. Not one bit. But Winter screams pudding and so do we! Here it is…

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2-Ingredient iced coffee recipe

If you’re looking for a different (and delicious) way to enjoy your coffee, boy do we have the recipe for you! It’s so easy. All it takes it a little, tiny bit of prep and you’re done. Forget the traditional ice coffees because this one is the real deal made with real coffee, not that horrible instant stuff or coffee flavouring. And the best bit is, it only has two ingredients. Here it is…

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