Our Signature Blend: Sacred Blend

Our Sacred Blend is our most popular coffee blend, and it’s easy to see why. From it’s smooth flavours, to it’s organic fair-trade origins, Sacred blend is simply the crowd favourite – and we love it too! In this short article we look at the beans that make up this blend, and how each bean contributes to the Sacred Blend flavour.

The Blend

Sacred Blend is made up of beans from four regions of the world: Papua New Guinea, Ethiopea, Peru and Nicaragua. All of these regions lie within the ‘Coffee Belt’ where the conditions are absolutely perfect for growing our signature beans.

The beans in all of our blends have been carefully sourced from around the world. Each bean has a unique taste depending on the individual farm it has been grown on. Other plants in the area (including fruit trees) impact the flavours existing in this little brown vessel of goodness.

Sacred Blend Flavour Notes: The beauty of this blend is in the perfect balance of flavours and tones. It features a sharp but incredibly clean acidity with a sweetness that will get those taste buds dancing. If you’re a chocoholic you’re going to love this blend because dark chocolate tones flow from first sip to the amazing aftertaste. Perfectly balanced with a slightly spicy taste, this blend is not only beautifully smooth but really interesting to taste and savour.


Each individual bean has it’s own distinct characteristics, and if you’re really adventurous we suggest trying then all individually. You can purchase our Sacred bundle (with free shipping) right here: But let’s get back to the individual beans.

Papua New Guinea

Located north of Australia, this small island nation is home to some of the most delicious coffee in the world. Thanks to its rich volcanic soil and tropical rain, PNG offers ideal growing conditions for coffee crops. All of our PNG coffee for this blend as well as our Single Origin PNG are sourced from the Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative (HOAC) group – a coop made up of 2600 members. HOAC achieved Fairtrade certification in 2005 and has been working hard at not only producing quality organic coffee beans but giving back to their local community.

If you really want to get serious about lowering your carbon footprint, with PNG as our closest neighbour it also means that transporting the beans to our roaster in Australia uses the least amount of fossil fuel of all our beans.

Papua New Guinea Flavour notes: For all you chocoholics out there, this coffee is for you. With hints of delicious dark chocolate, it also exhibits beautiful nutty flavours with a hint of cherry. Yum.


Coffee was born here and developed into one of the most sought-after beans throughout the world. Conditions here are just too good – their organic coffee is sensational and this is why we’ve included it into our amazing Sacred Blend coffee.

Our Ethiopian producers hail from Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union – the largest Fairtrade coop in Ethiopia with 240 members. Fairtrade certified since 2002, these guys have made a huge impact growing 65% of their nation’s coffee. Out of the 208,728 coffee farmers in the OCFCU, 22,302 female farmers.

Ethiopia Flavour notes: It’s a medium roast coffee with hints of berry with floral and fruity notes. Delish!


Now let’s head over to South America with our Peruvian Producers, Central de Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente or CECANOR for short. Established and Fairtrade certified in 1999, this organisation is made up of 1,340 members across 6 co-ops. Gender equality is a vital part of CECANOR, with the women able to work separately to male farmers in order to create their own quality coffee, creating an independent livelihood, setting themselves up for life.

Peru Flavour notes: This Peruvian coffee adds a beautiful combination of herb and chocolate to our delish Sacred Blend.


Located in Central America this land is famous for its mountains, lakes and, you guessed it, coffee! Most of the coffee grown in Nicaragua comes from the North Central Highlands which features mild temperatures and higher rainfall – ideal for our precious coffee crops. This region produces 100% Arabica coffee on the stunning tropical hillsides under lush canopies of natural shade.

Another tongue twister, Cooperative Regionalde Cafetaleros de San Juan de Rio Coco (or CORCASAN) are our Nicaraguan Producers. Passionate about all things Fairtrade and organic, these guys have been operating since 1978 – so they know coffee backwards. They have also been Fairtrade certified since 2005. The co op has 250 members and 160 farmers and still growing.

Nicaragua Flavour Notes: The Nicaraguan part of our Sacred Blend brings, once again, chocolate – this time with citrus tones, a hint of honey and a bright medium acidity.

Fairtrade & Sacred Blend

As you can see, all of the coffee suppliers have one major thing in common – they are all Fairtrade certified. This is a vital part of our business and we’re determined that all coffee that comes through our doors has made a positive impact on its farmers, producers and the surrounding environment.

Fairtrade is all about ensuring that all parties involved are treated fairly, work conditions are humane and financial remunerations are equitable. But wait, there’s more! Not only are the workers looked after but the community itself benefits from a Fairtrade certified farm in its midst. The Fairtrade Premium pours much-needed money back into the community funding projects such as clean water, schools, medical centres and training organisations.

So when you try out our Sacred Blend coffee, not only will you enjoy the smooth, sweet, chocolate-y tones but you can rest easy knowing that every cup you drink is providing a livelihood, a strong community and a sustainable environment for those in the third world.

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How to Discern Flavour Notes

Whether you’re new to coffee or a long-time caffeine lover, picking out the flavours in various blends and single origins can be a tad tricky. But, just like wine tasting, coffee tasting can be a lot of fun once you get your taste buds and your mind around the way to bring out the flavours in various varieties. Now you can do a tasting course or two but we’ve got something that’ll make it a lot more accessible for you pyjama-loving homebodies. Check it out!

Flavour Wheel

Grab your favourite fellow coffee addicts and enjoy a morning, arvo or late night session learning how to discern a myriad of flavours in your favourite coffee. We recommend using this with our Single Origins because the flavours are more apparent and varied.

How to use this beautiful wheel? Follow these steps…


Step 1: Always start in the middle. Try and identify the dominant flavour coming through; is it nutty, floral, earthy, savoury etc? Got it? Congratulations this is your first category – tick that box.

Step 2: Move your wandering eyes to the outside of the wheel. What flavours can you identify as you dig deep into those clever little taste buds? When you’ve identified the sub-group cast your eyes to the list of adjectives on the right. Now, this is where you start to sound really snobby – in a good way!

Step 3: This one is a funny step but kind of makes sense when you think about it. Once again look over the flavour wheel and focus this time on the colours. What colours are conjured in your mind from your dancing palate as you drink the coffee? If you’ve identified the colour tan, for example, check it against the wheel and see if you really do taste a nutty flavour such as  pecan or cashew. Interesting, huh?

Sacred Grounds Single Origins

If you’re super keen to get tasting we have an amazing array of Single Origins you can compare and contrast against each other. Choose from:

Now I won’t give away all the flavour notes and acidity content before you try it but you can also refer back to each Single Origin after tasting to see if you hit the nail on the head… or not! So much fun. Enjoy.

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Single Origin: Nicaragua

One of our newest additions to our Single Origin collection, Nicaragua has a beautifully balanced flavour palate that you’ll love to explore and discover. Located in the middle of the famous ‘coffee belt’, Nicaragua’s tropical climate is the perfect environment to grow high quality coffee naturally.

Sacred Grounds Producers

Cooperative Regionalde Cafetaleros de San Juan de Rio Coco (CORCASAN ) was formed way back in 1978 and has been Fairtrade certified since 2005. Today CORCASAN is made up of 250 members, 160 farmers and covers 221 square kilometres of beautifully humid tropical rainforest. Coffee plants thrive in the shade that this region offers. Not only is CORCASAN able to grow quality organic Fairtrade coffee but at an incredible rate with approximately 16,500 bags of coffee sold each year.

Each step of the process is monitored by the co op ensuring quality is maintained from crop to bag.

The Coffee

One of the things we love about Single Origins is that you can pinpoint the individual flavour notes in each variety. It takes a while to perfect your palate but once you do, then you’ll never go back. Our Nicaragua Single Origin offers a flavour combination like no other with a base of yummy chocolate, a delicate sweet aroma, citrus tones, honeyed, bright medium acidity – all in all a well rounded cup.

How to Drink It

Cold press it, plunge it but by far the best way to really appreciate our Nicaragua Single Origin is having a milk based espresso. YUM! But wait, there’s more! Don’t go for your traditional latte or cappuccino, instead try this incredible coffee in mini version to really savour the flavours with a piccolo latte. Double yum!

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PNG – Single Origin

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