Take up the Fairtrade challenge!


Are you up for a challenge that could possibly, potentially change the world you live in by drinking awesome coffee? Ticks all the boxes for me! From 13 May – 15 May (that’s THIS weekend, people) Fairtrade International is going to count how many Fairtrade coffees are consumed around the world! Why? So that all of us who are passionate about Fairtrade (and those new to the cause) can see the immense impact choosing Fairtrade coffee can be for producers around the globe.

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Visit the Manly Fairtrade Markets

There’s a sleepy seaside village – I wonder if you’ve heard of it? It’s called Manly – located on the northern beaches of Sydney. Far from sleepy, actually, this place is pumping! Not only does it have some pretty amazing beaches to lounge on but its food scene is impressive, to say the least. Manly residents are a healthy bunch, with a large percentage having a passion for organic, sustainable and ethical living.

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How to recycle coffee husks

Recycling coffee grounds has so many great benefits from your skin to the garden but did you know that coffee husk’s can also be recycled? Coffee husks are the chaff leftover after the bean has been roasted. It’s lightweight and messy because it flies everywhere but is there life for the husk after roasting? Yes indeedy.

Here at Sacred Grounds we donate as much of our organic coffee husks to as many community gardens as we can to be used for composting. It can also be used for bedding with chickens or other animals – making a lovely soft place to lay their little heads.

What is a coffee husk?

The husk is the outer layer of the coffee bean that breaks away and gets discarded during the roasting process. So you can imagine how much chaff gets thrown away each day after roasting! That’s why it’s important to use this husk in a productive way instead of just throwing it in the bin!

Why use coffee husks?

– It’s a great way to recycle these fluffy remnants of coffee roasting
– 100% natural composting agent
– Replaces stuff like wood chips which means less trees have to be cut down
– Smells like coffee!!!
– Composts quickly
– Rich in nitrogen
– Great for growing vegetables, especially tomatoes
– Absorbs moisture in compost mixture, creating rich soil

Where to find coffee husks?

It’s a great idea to reuse coffee husks but where in the middle of Sydney is a person to find a bag of lovely husky chaff? All you have to do is contact the Sacred Grounds office to request some coffee husks of your own! Too easy. Let us know what you use them for, we’re always looking for great new ideas to reuse our product.

One of our partner cafes, The Shack at Monterey in Sydney actually reuses our coffee grounds in their beautiful garden out the back. Recycle, reuse, upcycle -we love it all!

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Origin of the month: Australia

I’m not biased or anything but Australia one of the BEST countries in the world! Variety is our middle name – we do a lot of things really well and one of those happens to be growing coffee! While we source a lot of our single origin coffee from Fairtrade farms around the world, we can’t forget our very own coffee farmers, growing some of the best single origins on the planet.

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What is a ristretto?

Images: Luisa Brimble

If you’re newish to the coffee world, all the jargon may get you a tad confused. You may nervously pop into your local ‘cool-hang’ cafe and scan the menu board for something you know.

A good place to start is the good old cappuccino or flat white but once you get a tad daring, then you can work out what you really like and order to your taste. If you like coffee a tad stronger, you may like to try a Ristretto, like those other cool coffee ‘kids’. But what the is a Ristretto?

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