The Perfect Shot

Sacred Grounds Newsletter

Issue 2: The Perfect Shot

Written by Nadime Alamaddine (instagram: @dee_alam): Sacred Grounds Key Account Manager

There are many descriptions of a ‘perfect’ shot, but a wise man once told me, “The perfect shot can be described in one word – ‘balance’”.

He also went on to say,

“If you are brave enough to peek behind the door of ‘balance’, there, you will discover the many doors that open to all its complexities. It’s the first sip, the oozing lava-like texture, the heavy toffee-like sweetness, the flash of citrus acidity, then the gentle mellowing, then wait … was that spice? And gently as the door closes, the warmth and lingering finish.”

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Adjusting the Grinder

Sacred Grounds Newsletter

Issue 1: Adjusting the Grinder

Written by Nadime Alamaddine (instagram: @dee_alam): Sacred Grounds Key Account Manager


As a key account manager for Sacred Grounds, my role is mostly on the road doing coffee training, so I would like to think I know the difference

between an amazing coffee versus a terrible one. I believe the main reason why coffee can taste bad, i.e. bitter or sour is in fact due to the lack

of importance given to adjusting the grinder on a regular basis. My biggest pet hate is when I hear this, “Once the grinder is set you never

adjust it”. This is a common idea that is often said in the coffee world. This is definitely not the case. I see hundreds of coffees poured every

week, hell, I pour hundreds myself over the week  as well as weekends but all the fancy rosetta’s, ferns, love hearts and well textured milks won’t

mean anything if the espresso shot tastes dreadful and by dreadful this typically means sour or bitter.

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