Australian Organic Awareness Month

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How important are organic products to you? Thanks to our super-busy lifestyles most of us Aussies go for convenience over substance. We just don’t have the time to read labels to make sure we know what we’re really eating.  The great thing about organic food is that it’s labelled ‘organic’, so you’re know what’s in it and, more importantly, what’s not!

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Climate change and coffee, the latest!



If you read our last post on climate change, How climate change is killing coffee , you’ll know that our beloved beans are in a bit of strife. In fact, we are already seeing some of the devastating effects that Climate Change is having on the coffee industry and our amazing planet with only more severe consequences to come if we don’t make some major changes at national and international levels soon.

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10 Ways To Help The Planet

You don’t have to be a scientist to realise the planet is in all sorts of trouble. And we can no longer turn a blind eye to our dodgy habits clogging up our atmosphere, rubbish heaps and destroying our beautiful earth. But don’t despair. There are easy ways to turn this all around and start reducing, reusing, recycling (all those cool re- words) so we can start really looking after what we’ve been given. Start with these ideas and spread the word!

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10 Ways to make your office green

There are so many great reasons to transform your office into a green machine. But if you’re afraid that it’s going to make you a hippy tree-hugger, be brave and keep reading! Green offices are often happier places to work. They will save you money, keep your staff healthy and give you a warm glow because you’re helping the world. And it’s so easy, so why not go green?

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How climate change is killing coffee

Image: A Cuppa a Day

Whether you’re a climate change skeptic, a true believer or someone in between, the fact is that the good old fashioned coffee plant is struggling. While we can’t yet see the direct impact of global warming in our everyday lives, many experts claim that it won’t be long until our cups are no longer overflowing with coffee.

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