Coffee grounds masterpieces


There seems to be no limit on the uses of coffee grounds – from beauty products to fertiliser and now incredible works of art! One of our favourite local artists, Fernando Mosca, has been turning Sacred Grounds Organic coffee grounds into beautiful paintings that we just love!

Curious? Then stay tuned because we had a little chat to the man himself to find out how he turns our coffee into masterpieces.

Meet coffee artist Fernando Mosca



I grew up in Buenos Aires Argentina and spent most of my life in Sydney as a self taught professional visual Artist for over 20 years.

Within this time I created original paintings on canvases, painted large scale murals, showed exhibitions, interior designed restaurants and cafes, held live art performances and operated my business at Sydney Markets every weekend which kept me busy achieving 30 paintings a week.


How and when did you start painting with coffee grounds?

I have always heard of Artists using instant coffee to paint with so I thought it would be fascinating to use coffee grounds instead. My first coffee painting began in 2009 and was completed in 2010, it took me that long because of the study and research that I applied to experiment with coffee ground donated by Bertonis Café in Balmain. I created a large Opera House triptych painting on canvas which was exhibited at Joan’s Ridge Street Art Gallery in North Sydney valued at $3,000.


Does the quality of the coffee matter? 

I have found the quality of the coffee ground matters depending on the different techniques I use to create textures or fine art. I have used instant coffee and is great for watercolours, but my work is dedicated to the ‘bean’ and the results are greater for me using coffee grind as opposed to instant coffee.



What other elements do you use when creating your paintings?

I have developed an organic process for my coffee paintings using egg tempera as the binder, flour and water for glue, recycled coffee sacks as the canvas and recycled timber boards for the backing. My materials are donated by the awesome team at Sacred Grounds with much help and support.


Where do you get your ideas from?

My ideas are endless…. it is very easy for me to come up with fresh ideas when I am so passionate about coffee and my attraction to others with the same mind set. For me coffee is more than a delicious drink. It’s catching up with friends, great conversations, meetings, networking, socialising, it’s ART, culture, connection, and a massive industry in Australia . So I plug into all that and marry the vision I have to the emotions expressed by lovers of coffee.


What’s the hardest part about painting with coffee?

There is nothing hard about painting with coffee, I allow the coffee to paint itself! The hard part for me is not painting with coffee as my time is invested in PR, networking, advertising my work, communicating with coffee roasters, cafes, research and study, documenting, and office admins that I dread and would rather be painting and creating.



Do you actually drink coffee while painting?

I always drink coffee before I paint, when I think of painting, when I reflect the progress of my painting, and when I have finished my painting. I also eat the bean sometimes to have the full coffee experience and dive right into my work, becoming one with coffee.


What are your top tips about painting with coffee?

  •  Plan your artwork first before painting with coffee as it is fast drying
  • Make sure you seal the artwork when finished
  • Coffee ground has diverse properties, find one that you are comfortable with and keep experimenting
  • But most importantly have fun because painting with coffee has fluidity and great viscosity, so allow the coffee to paint itself in what ever form is best for your artwork.


Where can we buy your artworks?

You can reach me on 0431776797, email to or visit my Facebook Page Inspired Art Forms for the latest happenings with coffee paintings. Currently I have been using the power of ‘word of mouth’ and personally I like the ‘one on one’ experience of collaborating the artwork with my clients input. I am preparing for a solo exhibition dedicated to ‘The Bean’ in Marrickville mid February next year, it is self funded so I appreciate all the help I can get (investors welcomed 🙂 ).


 What image would you love to see painted with coffee?


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