Coffee: Healthy or Harmful?

As you know, we’re passionate advocates of all things coffee (as long as it’s Fairtrade Organic, right?) We love this beverage from cherry to bean and everything in between. But, really, honestly, is drinking coffee day after day doing our bodies a service or is it actually harmful?

Well we have great news for all you coffee buffs out there because drinking up to 4 cups of coffee a day can actually provide incredible health benefits for your body. A recent review by the BMJ looked at the results of over 200 studies on coffee consumption and found some surprising benefits for a range of health issues.


According to the study, participants who drank up to three cups a day had a reduced risk of death from heart disease by an impressive 19% and 30% less chance of dying from a stroke compared to the non-drinkers.  When it came to impacting blood pressure, the results were marginally better for the coffee consumers than their caffeine-free counterparts but nothing to write home about. All in all, the studies showed a positive impact on the heart by drinking a moderate amount of coffee each day.


40 studies were reviewed looking at the relationship of coffee and cancer. We’re happy to report that coffee actually has a substantial impact in a reduction of a wide variety of cancer including prostate, endometrial, melanoma, leukaemia, liver cancer and more! Why does coffee have such a positive impact when it comes to cancer? Researchers aren’t 100% sure but some say it due to the level of antioxidants, an improvement in insulin sensitivity or coffee’s ability to stop long-term inflammation in the body. Others still claim that coffee slows tumours’ growth, protects our DNA or even makes bad cells die before they become cancerous. It’s all so fascinating but the facts are in and most of the new is positive – coffee lowers likelihood of a range of cancers in our body!


There was happy news for our livers as well with coffee drinkers 29% less likely to suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and 27% less likely to experience liver fibrosis. Ultimately if you drink up to 3 coffees a day, you’re 65% less likely to develop Liver Disease and 40% less likely to suffer from Liver Cancer which is pretty darn impressive. With Liver Cancer being a sneaky, silent kind of cancer, this is good news indeed.

Brain Matters

Coffee, or rather caffeine, has been found to prevent a range of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and depression. According to the Harvard School of Public Health research paper, people who drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day have 50% less chance of developing Parkinson’s that those who consumed no coffee at all.

Drinking coffee has also been shown to have a positive impact on those suffering from moderate depression. How? One theory is that depression could be caused by inflammation in the brain and coffee combats this with a fabulous mix of antioxidants full or amazing chemicals such as trigonelline, nicotinic acid and more hard to pronounce scientific terms. Another theory relates to caffeine’s ability to make us feel alert and energetic and increases dopamine levels so we feel more motivated. Whatever theory is true, many studies have agreed that coffee loves our brain and our brain simply adores coffee!


Of course with every good thing in life, there must be limits. So don’t go crazy and start drinking coffee every other hour. And if you are into drinking up to 5 cups of coffee a day, make some of them short blacks – that’s right, no milk, no choccy sprinkles. Keep it healthy. The paper also recommended that women who are prone to fractures and pregnant ladies should steer away from having too many coffees each day. Know your body, know your limits and enjoy a balanced life!

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