One of the things I love about the Sacred Grounds people is that they’re passionate about their coffee (obviously) and this drives them to experiment with new ways of brewing, creating amazing coffee. This is the great thing about the coffee industry as a whole.

When it comes to alternative brewing methods, the coffee industry is constantly in motion, moving from method to method, driven by the desire to create new flavour combos. It’s an art form. There are such a diverse range of flavours that the possibilities are really endless.

So with summer on the way, we thought we’d revisit our Cold Brew recipe. Last year we focused on a brewing ratio for our Neighbours Blend. Though this year, Dee has been focusing her attention towards Single Origin Brewing as this is where the really diverese range of flavours in coffee can be found. Excited? Read on…

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Method: Submersion

Ratio: 1gm/10ml

Serves: 8

1. Measure out 20gm to 200ml of water.

2. Set grind to plunger size and grind away.

3. Unfold your filter and place ground coffee into the filter bag and tie securely. It may be a slightly loose fit, fold where necessary.

4. Fill the container with the 200ml filtered water.

5. Submerge your coffee gently into to the container and seal.

6. Let steep for 8 hours.

Note: This recipe is specifically for Single Origin coffee brewing. We recommend our Nicaragua and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Single Origin coffees. 


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