Fad Follower or Purist?

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There’s something a little fun about fads, even though we all know they’re not often here to stay. But is a ‘fad’ coffee everything it’s cracked up to be? Most of us simply want a great coffee (which is what we pride ourselves on) rather than something a little left of field. But, just for fun, let’s look at some trends you might encounter in 2018.

1. Nitro Coffee

This style of coffee sounds brewed in a ‘galaxy far, far away’ but it’s something a lot closer to home in its simplicity. Made from Cold Brew Coffee, a Nitro brew is contains Nitrogen gas that has beed added through a pressurised valve called a a Nitro Coffee Kegerator. Yep, this is coffee on tap from a keg, just like beer and, funnily enough, it actually looks like beer once it has been poured. Nitro pros drink it over ice but you can add milk if you absolutely need to. And the taste? Well, this is no fizzy drink; the Nitrogen bubbles are subtle, giving the coffee a sweet, foamy flavour/texture combination that is a perfect Summer drink.

For Cold Brew coffee we recommend our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Single Origin coffee

2. Coffee in a Cone

Now this fad hasn’t hit the mainstream just yet. It was actually created by South African, Dayne Levinrad, who trained in Australia and has worked with some of the best in the biz. Now just how does ‘one’ make a coffee in a cone? Well, Levinrad recommends that you use a piccolo latte and pour it into a chocolate lined waffle cone. Then, as the coffee melts the chocolate, you’re left with a slightly sweet flavour (no sugar needed in this coffee) that gets stronger as you sip/crunch on.

Keen to make one at home? Choose one of our beautifully smooth coffee blends and enjoy a bit of crunch with your coffee. Shop here…

3. Rainbow Latte

Latte art has been taken to the next level with the latest rainbow craze! All it takes is a few drops of food colouring, a steady hand, a whole lot of practice and you’re off. Instagrammer-barista, ibrewcoffee is famous for their colourful creations made by adding the dye to the textured milk and making simply incredible art in their coffees. Now, don’t be too intimidated by this; you too can make your own Latte Art – check out our posts that have step-by-step guides to creating your own Rosetta and Heart.

4. Wine-infused Coffee beans

Um, yeah, not too sure about this one – sounds like a rinky-dink fad to me. Wine and coffee may be ok separately but together? Apparently the coffee beans are rehydrated in a vat of wine then roasted. Hmmmm, honestly, why mess with the original flavours of the coffee bean unless it’s inferior to start with? I think I’ll stick to my quality Sacred Grounds Single Origin or Blend, thank you very much!

5. Coffee and Tonic

While we’re on the subject of mixing drinks, there’s a crazy trend of combining coffee with tonic, sort of like a morning Gin and Tonic kind of beverage. You simply brew up your favourite shot of coffee, then pour it over a glass of iced tonic water. I guess this is a twist on pour over coffee drinks; perfect for those steamy summer days.

For this fancy bevvy, we recommend that you use our Light Roast Ethiopia Yirgaheffe

Whether you’re addicted to fads or simply love great coffee, the fact is that unless all these beverages are made with quality, organic coffee beans, they’re destined to fail. We’re acheter cialis sans ordonnance passionate about delivering quality, ethically sourced beans that not only taste incredible but make a positive impact on our world. To find more Sacred Grounds products, shop here…

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