First it was consumables like coffee, chocolate and the like. And while Fairtrade practices haven’t caught on everywhere as yet, the food industry is well on its way to raising standards for workers worldwide.

The fashion industry on the other hand, has dragged its heels, with their underground contentment with child labour, sweat shops and the like. So the fashion industry is on notice because Fairtrade is the future and the future is starting right now with organisations like Oxfam, Baptist World Aid and The Ethical Consumer Group raising the profile of ethical clothing producers in Australia and beyond. Go them! And go us! Information is power, the power to change the world, one purchase at a time.

Fair wear producer, 3FISH

One of the most impressive ethical fashion houses in Australia is 3Fish. With a motto of “Do The Right Thing”, you know these guys are serious about fighting exploitation and other nasty stuff. This means always making the best decisions that will benefit everyone – it’s not rocket science, right?! From caps to t-shirts, dresses to complete outfits, 3Fish create clothing that is 100% Fairtrade and organic.

By using organic cotton, dyes, inks, and even packaging that is sourced from recycled materials their impact on the environment is considerably reduced.  3Fish makes sure every link on their supply chain is above board, ethical and equitable so that each person involved gets paid a fair price.

3Fish and ‘The Australian Fashion Report’

In August last year, Baptist World Aid produced ‘The Australian Fashion Report’ revealing which fashion houses were exploiting third world workers and which were on the Fairtrade track. Guess which side 3Fish came up on? Yep, that’s right, the goodies. According to the report, “…only the 2 Fairtrade brands, 3Fish and Etiko payed a living wage to multiple levels of their supply chain.”

Out of all fashion producers in Australia, 3Fish was at the top of the heap when it came to 100% ethical standards throughout. Pretty impressive stuff.

3Fish and Sacred Grounds’ t-shirts

Which is why we have chosen this inspiring organisation to supply our fabulous t-shirts. We think they’re pretty darn cool! Not only will you look like the hippest kid on the block but you can strut your stuff with confidence, with a sense of purpose knowing you’ve done something good for the world.

They are made from quality 100% organic cotton so they’re super comfy and come in a range of sizes and styles including loose fitting or slim fit.

Choosing to buy ethically sourced and organic fashion is vital not only for environment but for millions of people around the world. Think of what it could do for a community if workers were paid a decent income for a day’s work. Kids would be free to go to school, instead of being forced to work. They would have a future, an education, they would be free just to be kids.

Join us and 3Fish as we try, in our small way, to make our world a fair and happy place for everyone to live together!

Have you changed the way you shop for clothes?

Emma Watson

From creating her own ‘Ozzie Mozzie Editorial’ newspaper when she was 10 to writing for ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’, Emma has always loved to write. She spends her time looking after her two kids and tapping away at the keyboard blogging at, writing for Howards Storage World and of course, for Sacred Grounds Organic. Her love of a good small cappuccino (with one sugar!) and social justice makes this a match made in heaven. Emma loves a good book, travelling and hanging at the beach with her little crew.

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