It’s that time again! Any excuse is a good excuse for a get together but the World Fairtrade Challenge is one truly important occasion. It doesn’t matter how big or small your even is, you’ll be joining hundreds of thousands from across the world as you celebrate, raise awareness and support everything Fairtrade, something that is very close to our hearts.

What is the Fairtrade Challenge?

From 11-13th May (that’s starting TOMORROW!) Fairtrade fans across the globe will be putting time aside to have a cuppa, a brunch event, lunch – you name it, to support everything Fairtrade. Currently there are an incredible 2,063 events registered with 421,088 participants ready and raring to eat, drink and be Fairtrade friendly. Schools, workplaces, hospitals, universities, shops, communities and individual homes are preparing for this important event. Those involved can enjoy a range of Fairtrade products, take loads of social media snaps and chat about what they love most about Fairtrade.

Check out how many events have already been registered worldwide below!

Sacred Grounds-Fairtrade Challenge-map

Image: Fairtrade

How to Join!

As charity events go, this one is so easy, even kids can get involved. Here’s how to join in with the world, celebrating Fairtrade.

1. Register here
2. Invite everyone!! Fairtrade Australia has lots of posters, info etc to get your nearest and dearest excited and informed.
3. Share on Social Media
4. Have fun!

Social Media tips…

Ready to post? Here are some fun ways you can make an impact and spread the word about the World Fairtrade Challenge…

1. Use #stand4fairness in all of your posts
2. Turn your legs, fingers, Fairtrade products, sticks, stones, flowers, shells, anything into the shape of a 4

Snap away! Take pics of your event while it’s happening – spread the word.

Why Sacred Grounds Supports Fairtrade

Our passion is to create quality coffee that’s not only great for customers’ health and taste buds but beneficial to the environment and the farmers who work so hard to grow, pick and process our beans. Fairtrade ensures fair prices for farmers, humane working conditions and more lucrative prices for the product. But wait, there’s more! This incredible organisation doesn’t only look after the people on the ground but the community around it as well. The Fairtrade Premium has been created to ensure profits flow into places of need including projects like schools, roads, hospitals and clean water supplies.

All of our coffee is 100% Fairtrade, organic, beautiful. This is why we’d love you to jump on board the Fairtrade Challenge over the next couple of days. It really is a simple way to show your support for this worthy organisation that makes such a huge impact in our world.

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