How Emissions are Turned into Trees

If you’ve followed us for any amount of time you’d know that there are three things that we’re passionate about: great coffee, organic products and sustainability. This all stems from our desire to make a positive impact on people and our environment. This is why we support the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund offsetting the impact of our delivery vans every year.

How we are turning Emission into Trees

The Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF) is a charity that literally turns carbon emissions into trees. Businesses and individuals can pay a fee, depending on the vehicle being used, and this money is used to plant trees. In Australia alone, CNCF says that they will, “plant enough native trees in Australia to offset 6.45 tonnes of CO2-e (the average yearly emissions from a petrol 4WD based on petrol engines up to 4L travelling 15,000 km per year.” This is how we offset the carbon footprint from delivering coffee at Sacred Grounds. By paying an annual fee, we’re neutralising the effect the vans we use to deliver our beans to cafes through the amazing efforts of this fabulous organisation.

Since 2001, CNCF has worked on 160 sites across Australia planting more than 5.4 million trees over 3,812 hectares – a huge impact on our nation’s environment. Pretty impressive stuff. Most of the work has been undertaken in Western Australia, with pockets in South Australia, Victoria and ACT covered as well. But not any plant will do – a wide variety of plants are chosen, creating habitats for animals, reducing erosion and encouraging biodiversity to flourish.

What Else the Carbon Neutral Fund Does

Besides planting trees, CNCF also ensures that the community is educated about the importance of biodiversity and offsetting carbon emissions. This is undertaken in three ways:

  • Carbon Calculator – CNCF developed Australia’s first carbon calculator tool helping every day Aussies to track and therefore reduce their carbon usage.
  • 45 Min Seminars – Short and sweet, these workshops provide tips about how individuals, groups or organisations can reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Staff Surveys – CNCF conduct questionnaires within businesses to assess how aware staff are about environmental issues and give advice on how to encourage practical changes within the organisation’s culture.

 Get Involved!

It’s not just businesses or large organisations that can make an impact on our environment through CNCF. You too can neutralise your carbon footprint by making a yearly donation. You can choose anything from a small vehicle to the impacts of a short or long haul flight overseas. Or perhaps you’d prefer a one-off donation! All options are at your fingertips here…

Ensuring our environment is in tip top condition for generations to come doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact charities like CNCF make it incredibly easy! One click and you’re making a positive impact on the world. So simple!

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