How to clean your coffee machine


Want to get the best out of your coffee machine? I know it’s just another job to add to your ridiculously long to-do list but cleaning your coffee machine is crucial if you want to continue making awesome cafe-quality coffees at home. It makes sense, really – clean machine = fresh, clean, delicious coffee every time!

Why clean your machine?

Did you know that coffee beans are jam-packed with essential oils? Now imagine these oils sticking to your portafilter, basket and can even sneakily hide to your water container. The result? An old, stale taste infused into your awesome Sacred Grounds Organic Fairtrade coffee. No thanks! Mould and old coffee grinds can also block up your machine, making the poor thing work harder than it was designed to work. This may mean that your machine will corrode quickly, chucking it all in long before it really should. Sad.

If you don’t clean your coffee machine, it may start to smell – and not in a good “mmmmm-delish” way! And this odour will also result in an ashy, burnt taste – which is a bit of a waste of good coffee, don’t you think? Simply put, a clean machine will not only be easier to use but will maximise the taste and enjoyment of your daily brew.

How to clean your machine…

  1. Take out the filter from your basket (that’s the place you usually put your ground coffee). Replace the filter with a blind filter which looks very much like a filter but without the holes.
  2. For daily cleaning add 1 level scoop (2 scoops if your machine really needs it!) of Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner into the blind filter. We use the Evo brand because it’s organic, safe and does a great job.
  3. Insert group handle into the machine as if you’re ready to brew up a storm!
  4. Run your machine for 10 seconds, then stop for 10 seconds.
  5. Repeat this start/stop process four more times
  6. Take out the group handle and rinse it under a steady stream of water from your machine, then turn it off.
  7. Pop the blind filter back into the machine and this time do the start/stop process 10 times BUT this time run it for 5 seconds and stop for 2 seconds.
  8. Take out the blind filter and replace with the regular filter.
  9. Brew up one shot of espresso then (gulp) throw it out – don’t drink it!
  10. Clean group handles and filters by soaking them for 10 minutes in 500ml of HOT water with 2 scoops of Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner. Rinse well in running hot water.

Tips from the Sacred Grounds experts

Here are some top tips from the Sacred Grounds coffee trainers:

  • It is extremely important to run a few shots through the machine after cleaning!
  • Cafes should be cleaning their machine daily. Though for home users it can be less frequent that this. A general guide, if you are making between two to three coffees a day, we suggest you clean your machine approximately every three days.
  • A great way to help keep you machine clean is to clean the group head with a group head brush after every espresso shot.

Get the Gear

You can purchase a Group Head Brush and the Evo Cleaner from our website!

FE BrushGH                   

How clean is your coffee machine right now?

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