Have you ventured into Single Origin coffee yet or are you keeping comfy with your favourite blend? Either is ok with us, no judgement here BUT you may be missing out on a whole new exciting world of flavours! So, to tempt you away from your routine coffee we’re digging deep into Single Origin coffee – what it is, how to drink it, heck even how to choose the right one to suit your tastes. It’s going to be awesome!

What is Single Origin Coffee?

If you’re a newbie on the coffee scene, you may be wondering what the fuss is about with Single Origin Coffee. Well, basically it means that the beans have been grown from either a single crop, one region or producer in a particular country. Simple, hey?! But there’s a little more to it than just that. Because this type of coffee hasn’t been blended with beans from other plantations, the flavours are usually more defined and intense… in a good way!

Yep, good old Single Origin coffee is usually of a higher quality than your humble blend because you know exactly where this bean has been grown and processed. This ensures consistent flavour notes and quality that you can count on time after time.

The variety of flavours is endless and this is what’s so fun about Single Origin coffee’s. Farmers themselves enjoy experimenting with new varietals, coming up with a whole new combination of flavours from their crop which flows on to the roasters, baristas and coffee drinkers who can experience coffee in a whole new way! We often compare coffee tasting to wine tasting and in fact, there are more flavour combinations in Single Origin Coffee and Blends then there are in your favourite glass of vino!

How to drink Single Origin Coffee

Now, let’s talk about how to drink Single Origin, because that’s why we’re here, right? There are a few ways to get the most out of your favourite S.O.

  • Filter Coffee

For coffee on the run, you can’t beat filter coffee (plunger, V60, Chemex and Aeropress included). Instead of going with the run-of-the-mill blend, why not experiment with flavours you may have never experienced before. We recommend:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – with soft lemon flavours and acidity up front.
Sumatra Gayo – featuring a delicate blackcurrant aroma, hints of dark cocoa and soft spice and a bright tangy acidity.
Papua New Guinea – silky smooth with chocolate, nutty flavours, a slightly fruity finish of cherry undertones and hints of vanilla.

  • Espresso

Because most of us drink espressos with milk (think, flatwhites, lattes, cappuccino’s) barista’s will recommend blends over Single Origins. This is because a blend is developed to have a more well-rounded and balanced flavour profile that compliments the addition of milk.  Though if you love your espresso but you want to still be adventurous then we’re here to help!

Black Espresso – Having either a straight up espresso or a long black will allow you to still appreciate and taste the unique flavours of a Single Origin. We recommend:

  • Ethiopia Limu: Citrus lime acidity, notes of stone fruit with a hint of spice
  • Sumatra Gayo – featuring a delicate blackcurrant aroma, hints of dark cocoa and soft spice and a bright tangy acidity.
  • East Timor: Sweet & spicy with cloves, leather, tobacco and pepper, a bright orange acidity and silky body leading a long malt, burnt toffee and walnut finish.

Milk based Espresso – if you can’t give up your milk, then we’d recommend trying a piccolo. This is a 6oz version of a latte and the reduced milk will better allow the flavours of the coffee tos come through. We recommend trying:

  • Peru: Displays herbaceous overtones with a soft chocolate finish
  • Nicaragua: Chocolate, sweet aroma, citrus tones, honeyed, bright medium acidity, well-rounded cup.
  • Australia: Displays characters of spiced berry, sweet caramel and chocolate.

Ready for an adventure? Head over to our online store and order up a few different Single Origins and enjoy a variety of amazing flavours. See if you can pick the different flavour notes. Fun!

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