Welcome to part two of our Barista Latte Art series! Now that you’ve perfected the art of the tulip, we’re moving onto something a little more romantic… a heart. Ideal for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, Easter – any day really – the heart adds that beautiful finishing touch you’ve been longing for. So how to do it? Here’s some tips from an awesome professional… Good luck!


Before you start, make sure you have the right tools for the job! We recommend nabbing a Barista jug with a handy pointed spout. It makes it really easy to pour the crema and control where it goes.


One of the key ingredients for great latte art is a fresh espresso shot as a foundation and freshly ground coffee will give you the best result. Now with your coffee base, don’t leave the espresso sitting in your cup for too long before you pour your milk.


It all begins with the crema – you get that right and your creation will be easy to make and will look sensational. Our simple formula for fabulous latte art goes something like this…

Good Crema + Silky Milk = Great Latte Art

Now if you’re not super confident about creating the right texture for your milk read our previous blog post – How to Texture Milk like a Barista . Then it’s all about practising, failing, scooping yourself off that floor and trying again. Once you’ve got it, you’ll never lose it!


1. You need to create the canvas for your latte art by filling the cup with textured milk to approx 3/4 full. When adding the milk you want to lift the crema – do this by pouring the milk in a circular up and down motion.


2. Hold the cup like a bowl and tilt it towards the spout of the milk jug so that you can get the spout as close and level to the crema as possible.

Tip:  Tilt on side so you can get jug spout as close to crema as possible! You want the jug as horizontal as possible so that the froth comes on top.


3. Pour directly into the middle and hold the jug there and a circle will form. When the circle is big enough or the cup is almost full, lift and sweep through the lovely pattern.

Tip: The cup should be on an angle and as you add more milk, the cup should slowly become level.


See our video below and see how Megan, our barista expert, does it.


What style of latte art would you like to learn?

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