How to Pour Latte Art like a Barista


Professional baristas make latte art look so easy. A little tip of the cup, a little shake of the hand – easy peasy, right? Well, if you have the know-how and the practice of course it’s easy. But like anything, you need to know the basics and then you can go to town on a huge variety of designs to make your coffee a work of art.

So we’ve created this handy little post with tips and info from our Account Manager Megan. This amazing lady has been a barista for four years and has a huge passion for everything coffee. In this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to pour a ‘tulip’ (pictured), a hugely popular pattern that you can create at home. Ready and raring? Let’s go!


Before you start

Megan recommends using a deep cup, this will give you more space to pour your latte art which is helpful when you’re learning. A barista milk jug is also a great investment, these jugs have a more pointed spout than regular milk jugs, allowing for a more accurate pour.

The Formula

Good crema + silky milk = good latte art

One of the key ingredients for good latte art is a fresh espresso shot and freshly ground coffee will give you the best result. You also want to make sure you don’t leave the espresso sitting in your cup for too long before you pour your milk. For tips on how to texture milk, take a look at our previous blog post – How to Texture Milk like a Barista


1. You need to create the canvas for your latte art by filling the cup with milk to approx 2/3 – 3/4 full. How much you fill the cup before starting your latte will vary depending on how many layers you want to add to your tulip.

When adding the milk you want to lift the crema – do this by pouring the milk in a circular up and down motion.


2. Hold the cup like a bowl and tilt it towards the spout of the milk jug so that you can get the spout as close and level to the crema as possible. Rather than just pouring the milk into cup, you need to move your whole arm across and push the milk into the centre of the espresso until a circle forms.

Tip: Try lifting your elbow up and pushing your arm across, almost like your playing a violin. By having the cup tilted and the jug down as close to the coffee as possible, this will help the milk to go on top of the espresso rather than underneath.


3. To start the next layer of the Tulip, using the same pouring technique outlined above, start your pour just in front of the previous layer. Using the same pushing motion, you’ll see the first layer mould around the second layer.


4. Repeat! Keep adding layers until your cup is almost full.

Note: With each layer you add to the tulip, the cup should slowly become more levelled.


5. On the last layer, pour as normal then slightly pull the jug up and swing through the pattern.


Watch it in Action!

Watch our video below and see how our Account Manager, Megan does it.

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