It’s that awesome time of year again when coffee goes to work to help those in need. CafeSmart is a national movement to create awareness and raise funds for the homeless. It’s such a simple idea with such a profound impact on all it touches.

What is CafeSmart?

CafeSmart was born out of the StreetSmart organisation – a non-profit with one goal… to combat homelessness in Australia. Born in 2003, StreetSmart aims to support smaller charities that are actually at the front line of homelessness in their own communities through projects like CafeSmart, DineSmart and RunSmart.

All money raised through these initiatives will go to these smaller organisations, with local cafes having a local impact so they can actually see how their donations are making a real difference in their community.

When is CafeSmart?

On Friday August 4 2017, all registered cafes will be donating $1 from all coffee sold to their local charity. With only one week to go, there are already over 600 cafes signed up for this incredible cause. So make sure you check out the CafeSmart website, pick out your local cafe and head down for a latte or two on the big day.

Now if you just can’t make it to a cafe that day, don’t despair – you can actually donate a coffee (click here to donate)! Choose to contribute one, two or even 12 coffees (if you’re feeling super-generous) or, really get involved by committing to donating monthly. The great thing about this organisation is that 100% of funds go directly to the charities on the ground – so you know it’s going to make a huge difference.

Sacred Grounds CafeSmart Locations

We’re so proud to be a Roaster Sponsor of this incredible movement and equally proud of our partner cafes that have happily climbed aboard. Show your support and pop down for a coffee on August 4 at these fab establishments…

Alowishus Delicious
4/176 Bourbong Street
Bundaberg, QLD
FB: @AlowishusDelicious

To help raise more funds, Alowishus Delicious are also giving away a fab gift basket and sponsoring the Ecumenical Lunch for the Homeless!


Buddha Bowl
Flourmill Studios
100/3 Gladstone Street
Newtown NSW
FB: @buddhabowlcafe


Ecologie Organics
121 Commercial St W
Mount Gambier SA
FB: @ecologie.organics


Green Heart Organics
2 Reilly St
Inverloch VIC
FB: @GreenHeartOrganics


CafeSmart is such an easy way to do your bit, have an impact on the world around you and help those who are really struggling. Please join us!!

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