Here at Sacred Grounds, we love mixing it up a bit. That’s why, now and then, we bring out a special limited edition variety of our coffee. It’s a bit of a passion, to be honest and a whole lot of fun for our roaster. So let me introduce you to our latest limited edition coffee, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Medium Roast (say that fast 10 times).

Birthplace of Yirgacheffe

Being the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is one of few places in the world where coffee is wildly grown. It’s a region with a large biodiversity meaning that a wide range of different coffee varietals and can be found. Ethiopian beans and in particular beans sourced from the region of Yirgacheffe, are always highly sort after in the market.

Our limited edition coffee was born 1700-2200 metres above sea level in the super-fertile region of Kochere. This bean is highly sought after for its insane quality and flavour notes which is why it is only sold in micro lots. It is grown in deliciously rich, fertile soil, high in iron and farmed organically so you know it’s the real deal sans any nasties. Once picked, these amazing beans are processed using a washed and natural technique to maintain its organic flavours. Legend has it that Ethiopia was actually the birthplace of coffee so why not go back to the original source?! Read our post on this story here… 

How to drink it…

Unlike our Light Roast Yirgacheffe, this medium roast can be used for espresso or stove top coffees. It really is a bean that any coffee drinker will love! And the taste? It has hints of lemon blended with smooth chocolate YUM!

So what are you waiting for?! Order our Medium Roast Yirgacheffe right now.

Ethiopia Yirg (2)

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