A lot of people choose to buy ground coffee which makes sense in this fast-paced world. But the beauty of true coffee making is that it takes time. It slows you down and, to be honest, the best coffees are made using beans not grounds. Why? Because coffee beans will always give you a fresher, tastier cup! So, now that you’re on board with buying beans, how do you grind up those lovely little parcels of goodness to suit your favourite style of coffee? Read on, my friend.

Matching Grind size with brewing method

Here at Sacred Grounds we’re self-confessed coffee nerds…and proud of it! This is good news for you because it means that we know the nitty gritty of creating the perfect coffee. Even at home! Here’s our expert Grind Guide to help you get the best out of our amazing (if we do say so ourselves) coffee every time.

Grind Guide:

  • Espresso + Stove Top = Fine grind
  • Plunger + Filter = Coarse grind
  • Cold Brew = Extra Coarse

Now these are the basic guidelines for you but be aware that every grinder and coffee company will grind their coffee differently. The most crucial grind to perfect has to be the espresso. Check out our posts on The Perfect Shot and Adjusting the Grinder for a more details on how to get your coffee cranking. It really is just knowledge and practice and once you’ve got it mastered, it will become second nature.

So now you know which setting to choose for each style of coffee, we’ll move on to some more tips from our awesome coffee experts that will make your coffees really sing!

Top Tips:

  1. Get yourself a quality grinder so you can play with the grind size at home, every grinder will be different.
  2. Show your grinder some love! For a consistent grind, you need to maintain, clean and talk nicely to your grinder. Basically this means keeping the blades clean and sharp.

Grinder variables:

  1. Coffee – different coffee varieties and origins will grind differently. Get to know your coffee, have fun experimenting with each origin to get a smooth, delish cup.
  2. Dosage/recipe – the amount of coffee you’re using to brew can effect the grind size.
  3. Humidity and temperature – believe it or not, humidity effects coffee extraction.
  4. Freshness – Oh yes, fresh is always best! Stale coffee can effect how it’s extracted, so keep drinking fresh beans and make sure you always store them in an airtight container, preferably glass!

Ok, now you’re armed with all the coffee grinder wisdom we could muster, so grab your favourite coffee grinder and enjoy perfecting your at-home-awesome coffee making skills!

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Emma Watson

From creating her own ‘Ozzie Mozzie Editorial’ newspaper when she was 10 to writing for ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’, Emma has always loved to write. She spends her time looking after her two kids and tapping away at the keyboard blogging at filmandfood.com.au, writing for Howards Storage World and of course, for Sacred Grounds Organic. Her love of a good small cappuccino (with one sugar!) and social justice makes this a match made in heaven. Emma loves a good book, travelling and hanging at the beach with her little crew.

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