Meet Our Sumatran Producers

Sumatra is a tropical island situated in Western Indonesia and right next door to Malaysia. This island is a whopper; in fact it’s actually the sixth largest island in the world. Thanks to its tropical climate, Sumatra has been a haven for coffee crops since the Dutch imported, planted and started production in the mid 1870s.

Meet Our Sumatran Producers

Permata Gayo Cooperative was created in 2006 and initially consisted of 50 farmers from five villages, all concerned about the future of their coffee crops. From then, they grew and attained organic certification in 2007 and earned their Fairtrade badge in 2009. From those first 50 farmers, the co op has grown to an impressive 2053 from 39 surrounding villages.

But this is not just an ordinary bunch of farmers – the co op has taken control of the entire process of planting, harvesting, processing – all the way through to the final stage of exporting. Traceability is high on their priority list and this one-stop-shop makes it simple to ensure that high quality beans, processes and all are kept at the same impressive level.


Coffee plantations love nothing more than volcanic soil and heaps of rain and Sumatra provides the ideal growing conditions for these lucky plants. Mountainous regions across the island also create micro-climates that coffee plants simply thrive within. And it’s not only the plants themselves that benefit from this environment; the climate also contributes to the quality and exotic flavours that are found in this delicious bean.


The most common method of processing coffee beans in Indonesia is the Wet Hull process; one that the Permata Gayo Co op does very well indeed. It goes something like this:

* Coffee cherries are picked and pulped
* Pulped cherries are left to ferment overnight
* Beans are washed and dried in the sun
* Drying process ensures beans are dried even by rotating them regularly

Sacred Grounds Sumatran Coffee

We love this coffee so much that we use it in two of our most popular coffee blends – Spirit Blend and Neighbours Blend – as well as our Single Origin Sumatra Gayo product.

  • Spirit Blend – Floral and fruity front notes, caramel middle and deep dark chocolate finish
  • Neighbours Blend – Subtle berry characteristics with a nutty aftertaste
  • Sumatra Gayo Single Origin – Delicate aroma of blackcurrant, followed by hints of dark cocoa and soft spice. Bright tangy acidity.

Each of these have been create with organic, Fairtrade beans, lovingly picked and processed by our partners in Sumatra – a co op of people we know love coffee and care about ethical processes as much as we do! These are the types of farmers, producers and exporters we choose to work with because we know, at the end of the day we all have the same vision, the same heart and that is to create an ethically sourced product of high quality that people, our customers will enjoy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into the incredible world of our Sumatran producers. Why not try their coffee in a Sacred Grounds Blend or Single Origin?! Order here… 

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