I’m not biased or anything but Australia one of the BEST countries in the world! Variety is our middle name – we do a lot of things really well and one of those happens to be growing coffee! While we source a lot of our single origin coffee from Fairtrade farms around the world, we can’t forget our very own coffee farmers, growing some of the best single origins on the planet.

Here at Sacred Grounds we’ve found the best organic coffee farmers in the nation – Skybury Coffee.

Skybury Coffee’s story

One of the things we love about Skybury Coffee is that they’re a family-run business. Co-directors, Ian and Marion MacLaughin moved to Australia from Zimbabwe via Oman. In 1987 they moved to Perth and then onto the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland where they bought Skybury.

Fast-forward 29 years and Skybury is booming! They are the biggest exporter of Arabica beans in the country with 50% of their crop heading overseas to markets including Japan, Europe and Canada.


West of Cairns sits the stunning Atherton Tablelands and if you haven’t popped up for a visit yet, then you’re missing out. Skybury Coffee is near the town of Mareeba and has beautifully rich soil, perfect for growing coffee, amongst other crops. In fact, Skybury doesn’t just grow organic coffee but sweet red papaya and bananas!

The MacLaughins are passionate about sustainable farming and have created the Skybury Environment Research Centre to ensure that all their practices are not harming their local environment. These include:

  • Using solar power
  • Carbon neutral targets
  • Reusing organic waste as fertiliser
  • Natural post-harvest treatment for rot
  • Native bird/animal protection
  • Clean water management
  • And more! (Read more about Skybury’s environmental practices here)


Skybury grows both Bourbon and Kataui varietals of Arabica coffee, processed using their own style of wet method that locks in each bean’s natural flavours. This efficient method is both fast and controlled, resulting in a well-rounded, rich-tasting bean. While this processing method is undertaken by machines, the sorting of the beans is still done by human hands! Every stage of processing is closely monitored so only the best beans make it into your cup.

And the all-important taste? Well, you’ll find the Sacred Grounds Australia Single Origin has hints of chocolate, sweet caramel and spiced berry. How delish!

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